105 Essence Gear Primer (update 20!)


The Basics

This is intended to point out resources and activity patterns to people who haven't been playing for a while.  This is not intended to duplicate info on guides like (Dadi does an awesome job on his site):

I keep getting into discussions about 105 gear with people who are hitting that level.  There seems to be a fair amount of returning players who weren't on Lotro for the last few updates.  So, rather than having the same conversations over and over, I thought I'd put up a wiki page (which will then age gracefully, just like the Legendary Items page I put up some time ago.
Ok, so you hit 105, and you need gear, preferably decent gear.  How do you get this?

Easy.  Steps are:
  1. Get armour
  2. Get jewelry
  3. Slot essences into armour and jewelry
  4. Wear armour and jewelry
  5. Profit
Yes, that easy.  It's just a lot of work to get the armour and jewelry and essences.

The Armour

At this time, there are 3 sets of socketed 105 armour.  These are :

The armour progression used to be FI -> PI -> TotDT, leveraging each armour set into the next instance.  This isn't true at this time, as the NI armour set is obtainable through landscape quests and landscape item farming.

Armour Comparison

Featured instance set

Pelennor Instance set

North Ithilien set

  • Where:
  • Notes:
    • 4 slots with no set bonus
    • light/medium/heavy sets, ie, not class specific

Throne of the Dread Terror set

The Jewelry

This is similar to the armour set, with these notes:

The Essences

First, this page, Essence, is really useful, and especially interesting is Essence notes: Update 19.2.

There are two types of 105 essences:

Not all essences are on all tiers.  At this time there are no Ithilien essence for

  • blocking
  • critical defence
  • evasion
  • incoming healing rate (no t8, must use 100 essence)
  • parrying
  • power (no t8, must use 100 essence)
  • resistance (no t8, must use 100 essence)

Tips and Suggestions

Work through North Ithilien quest lines and epic quests

As you progress through these, dailies will become available.  Doing these dailies will yield a Forager's Basket each, as well as a Pouch of Ithilien Essence Fragments.  There are also flora rewards for various quests.  It adds up.

Farm North Ithilien Flora

If you need 105 gear, Farm the North Ithilien Flora and landscape dailies and put the best essences you can into it.  This set with even purple T8s is fairly decent.  Upgrade the essences as you can.  For essences, refer to Stat caps to identify what amount of mitigations and other stats you'll need to slot for.

I suggest to do the following:

  • farm the 1000 common flora needed to buy 2 rings and buy these
  • farm the rest of the flora needed to buy the rest of the jewelry
  • farm the rest needed for the armour

I don't suggest upgrading piece by piece against the featured instance pieces.  Why not?  These have high mitigations.  If you try to adjust stats with each piece change, it's a lot of management.  It's simpler to start with a clear set and slot as needed.  Remove the essences first from featured instance pieces and re-use them though, if possible.

Trade in extra flora

Trade in flora not needed anymore (if rings and jewelry are purchased already) for maybe adding flora you do need. 

The Forager's Basket can also drop crafting items needed to upgrade the North Ithilien essences.

I suggest this only for earning up to the first flora set.  In the near future, flora will be account-bound, which changes the economics of it.  So, use for the immediate purpose and then maybe save for the future.

Run Featured Instances

These still drop a lot of useful items, including solvents, long-lost coins, and occasional North Ithilien essence boxes.

Upgrade to teal 105 drop gear in the interim

Yes, it's better than your crappy 100 gear.  Really.

Check the auction house, run other instances, etc.

ERMAHGERD I have good [sic, good to me!] essences already slotted and I don't want to lose them!  WHAT DO I DO????

First, stop panicking.  Second, go grab Essence Reclamation Scroll from any of the multitude of places.  These are fairly plentiful.  If you've been running featured instances lately and have some seals stashed away, the skirmish camp is the best place to grab lots.  Otherwise, buy from vendors with whatever tokens are plentiful.

For the long-game, you'll need NI essences, and I suggest to not discard them, but to recover as possible.  Lower end essences... if there's a market for them, pull them out of gear and sell them off on the AH.  But, only if there's a market.