SEGWAY i2           

THE i2 All of your local transportation needs are met in one modern, balanced, intelligent machine.

Completely versatile and enjoyable, the i2 is ideal in more ways than one. Not only does it take you out of rush-hour traffic and away from congested parking lots, it's battery operated, totally wireless, and intuitively moves where your body tells it to.

  • Weight
    47.7 kg
  • Tires
  • Footprint
    48 x 63 cm
  • Max Speed
    20 kmh
  • Range Up to
    Up to 38 km
  • Wireless InfoKey™ controller
  • Saphion® lithium-ion batteries
  • Your choice of gloss white or durable anodized black
  • LeanSteer™ frame height adjust

i2 Commuter        

Designed for your daily commute Specially equipped for commuting and running messages, indoors and out

  • Handlebar Bag offers a convenient place to stow your gear
  • Segway Lock Kit allows you to lock your Segway PT to a fixed object
  • Comfort Mats alleviate fatigue and provide a smoother ride for longer journeys
  • Segway Reflectivity enhances your visibility in the dark or in high-traffic locations
  • LED Tail Light attaches with versatile clip and alerts traffic to your presence
  • LeanSteer Frame Tool-less Release allows you to remove the LeanSteer frame so you can fit your PT into tight storage spaces. 

$12995 (incl GST) - Accessories extra

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