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Helping Coal City..

posted Jun 25, 2015, 5:06 AM by Paul Bicking   [ updated Jun 25, 2015, 5:12 AM ]
A lot of people asking how to help or what we need, this was a bigger mission than we anticipated but one we are capable of handling. We went there with enough food for a couple hundred people. Luckily people were dropping food off to throw on the grill. We even grilled 200 breaded chicken patties. I know, we questioned it too but they were actually good. The one thing we ran out of was buns. People were eating burgers on sandwich bread later in the evening. Sounds like we may be there the rest of the week grilling for the victims, first responders and those helping to clean up. Any donations are welcome. We've had people donate gift cards also that have come in handy to pick up more meat and buns when we ran out. If you bring meat for the grill, we'd appreciate buns too. Anything left when we are done will be donated to the church to continue the recovery effort.

Freedom Crew & Marines packed up for the night after grilling over 1200 meals. Workers just requested 200 more meals. Unpacking and firing up the grill again! Nobody goes home hungry tonight! We will be back cooking tomorrow.

Anyone affected or is helping clean up coal city, come to Coal City United Methodist Church by Carbon Hill, were cooking dinner.

U S M C cooking, doing great