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The Clemente at cutlog

The Clemente at cutlog art fair
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may 8 – 11, 2014
The Clemente 107 Suffolk St
New York, NY 10002

Wednesday, May 7th  
 Press Preview: 
11am – 1pm  
 Private Tours: 
12pm – 5pm  
5pm – 10pm  
Thursday, May 8th   
Open to public:
12pm – 9pm  
 Opening reception:
6pm – 9pm  
Friday, May 9th    
Open to public: 
12pm –9pm  
Saturday, May 10th Open to public:
12pm –9pm  
Sunday, May 11th  
Open to public: 
12pm –6pm  

Paper Cut logo

The Clemente presents Paper Cut, featuring works on OR about paper from 35 resident artists. The booth includes traditional drawing, printmaking, photography, and painting on paper; works made of sculpted, sewn and stitched paper; and works not made of or on paper at all but that reference paper. In addition, among a greatly diverse collection of other works, are carefully rendered paintings of stationery, video, and an ongoing, interactive art project in which viewers write their sexual secrets on slips of paper and place them in a jar for the artist to later paint. Paper, as used in the art practices of studio artists, whether made prominent as a vehicle for translation, emotional or conceptual exercise became the curatorial point of departure for this unique New York City, not for profit, multicultural artists residency program. 

Linda Griggs and Mark Power, curators 

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper...” 

Pablo Picasso 

The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center now known as 
The Clemente is a non-profit, community multi-arts center focused on the cultivation and preservation of Puerto Rican and Latino culture through performance, visual arts, and community events that reflects the cultural diversity of the Lower East Side. Operating equally in a multi-cultural and inclusive manner, we provide affordable spaces for artists to develop, promote, and present their work. Approximately 75,000 visitors attend free or low-cost public art events here every year. The Clemente subsidizes forty-three visual artist studios, twelve non-profit arts organizations, four theaters, rehearsal studios, three galleries, and a cafe´. Since 1993, The Clemente has given the Lower East Side and the greater community a place to interact
with multi-art forms in our historic facility on Suffolk Street. The building, built in 1897,is being renovated with funds provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs to restore it to its original grandeur. 

Jan Baracz         Sarah Beatty         Linda Byrne      Doug Blanchard      Natalia de Campos       Pam Cardwell     Paul Clay     Susanna Coffey     Silvio Delacruz     Eduardo Difarnecio         Steve Ellis     Nancy Friedemann     Charlie Friedman     David Friedman         Robert Grant   Linda Griggs     Allen Hansen     
Kylie Heidenheimer     Jonas Hidalgo         Michael Katchen     Sebastian Keneas     Tine Kindermann             Lisa Lebofsky         Wayne Liu     Bill Massey     Jen Mazza     Steve Mumford     Alexis Neider         
Selime Okuyan     Nicole Parcher     Mark Power     David Pushkin         Eileen Eilizabeth Smith     
Flavia Souza     Sherman Sussman     Thiago Szmrecsanyi     Miguel Trelles     Suzanne Varni     
Rafael Velez     Melanie Vote     Amy Westpfahl 


Jan Hanvik for always watching out the artists in The Clemente and for giving me this opportunity 

Cutlog's Yana Bannikova for her calm advice, Bruno Hadjadj for getting that extra three feet of wall (!), and Guy Reziciner for the advice that we do works on paper to pull the booth together. My only contribution to his clever suggestion was to add works about paper as well 

Steve Ellis and Allen Hansen for the beautiful installation job and their feedback as I had made intense changes to the booth layout when work I was expecting was swapped out at the last minute 

David Friedman and Bill Massey for hauling art and getting the space ready. Bill, thank you also for helping other artists get their press binders together and the beautiful photo of the booth 

Mark Power, co-curator, for doing the studio visits, chasing down missing artists, hauling and storing art for people who couldn't make install-deinstall 

And thanks to everyone who came by to make sure we weren't starving or dying for a bathroom break.

Booth Layout w portfolio 
Booth Layout w portfolio2 
Booth Layout w portfolio 3

bill massey photo of booth wide angle _DSC7686 
photo credit: Bill Massey


The Artists Hand Outs 

Jan Baracz Sarah BeattyLinda Byrne nest 2 Pam Cardwellnatalia decampos 3 Paul ClaySusanna Coffey Eduardo DifarnecioSteve Ellis Nancy Friedemanncharley friedman david friedmanRobert Grant 2 linda griggsallen hansen Kylie HeidenheimerJonas Hidalgo michael katchenSebastian Keneas tine kindermannWayne Liu Bill MasseyJen Mazza Steve Mumfordalexis neieder Selime Okuyannicole parcher David PushkinEileen Elizabeth Smith-Grant flavia souza 2Sherman Sussman Thiagomiguel trelles