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Christopher Stout Gallery, New York is a gallery located at 299 Meserole Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn; showing subversive and difficult work by NYC artists. 

Our second solo exhibition for November 2015 at CSG/NY is titled, "The First Time Is Not Like Porn" with paintings and drawings by much loved Lower East Side artist, Linda Griggs.

Over the last two years, Linda has interviewed her friends and strangers about the stories of losing their virginity. She has carefully painted out these narratives, 
while illustrating them with painted images taken from commercial pornography. The result is a rather striking comparison between biological human sexuality, 
and the artificial outcome of the monetization of human sexuality.

"The First Time Is Not Like Porn" will be on view November 6-29th. Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday, noon-6:00pm.Please join the gallery at a reception honoring Linda and her work Friday, November 6th, 6-9pm.

Christopher Stout Gallery, New York
299 Meserole Street, Ground Floor Rear
Brooklyn, New York 11206

Gallery Hours: Thusday through Sunday, Noon-6:00pm and also by private appointment.


WBAI State of the Arts hosted by Savona Bailey with Christopher Stout, Julia Torres, Linda Griggs, and Jenn Hitchings discussing the Bushwick art scene 

and "The First Time Is Not Like Porn".     Published on Nov 29, 2015

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Spare Times for Nov. 20-26

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Bushwick Brooklyn Gallery Tour (Saturday) Bushwick’s art galleries are more scattered than, say, those in West Chelsea. But its exhibition spaces are growing in number as well as in prominence. Among the stops on this survey of seven of them is a Moroccan artist’s video-sculpture hybrids and a talk with the artist Linda Griggs. At 2 p.m., beginning at 260 Johnson Avenue, near Bushwick Place, Williambsurg, Brooklyn, 212-946-1548,

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November 17, 2015



The walls of Christopher Stout Gallery, New York are lined with expertly painted images drawn from porn by artist Linda Griggs. Faces with mouths agape moan in ecstasy. Next to these images are stories of people losing their virginity. One memory recalls “It really hurt. Tears were sliding down the side of my face. He didn’t notice. Then outside the window a bottle rocket went off and we laughed.”
What these stories do is show the reality of what “the first time” is often like, divorcing the over-saturated, hollywood version that porn teaches us is real from our psyche. Griggs’ adaptation of the images through the work of her own hand, restores them to an organic order on the page. As Griggs herself said, pornography creates unreasonable expectations. “Young women need to see this so they know it’s okay to be awkward.”
The collection is powerful and honest. Griggs has possibly made one of the most complete bodies of work to enhance feminist ideas in 2015 with this show.
Christopher Stout Gallery, New York is located on 299 Meserole Street. “The First Time Is Not Like Porn” is on view through the end of the month.
Gallery Hours: Thursday through Sunday, Noon-6:00pm and also by private appointment.

Excerpt from 
Bedford+Bowery, Sept. 8th, 2015 by Nicole Disser
Painter Linda Griggs will have a show in November called “The First Time Is Not Like Porn,” which will include “large paintings and drawings that parallel narratives of human sexuality (specifically losing one’s virginity)” alongside myths the porn industry perpetuates.

Excerpt from Brooklyn Magazine
, by Paul D'Agostino.

 "Our gallery is comprised of a larger ‘solo room gallery’ and a smaller ‘project room’ gallery. Each month one of our artists will present a solo body of work in the main room. A couple of months before the solo launches, the rest of our artists are invited to preview the work, and we then work together to curate a show in the project space that complements the main show. Our inaugural solo show is about death, and as such our project room is appropriately somber. Fair warning, our November solo by Linda Griggs, “The First Time is Not Like Porn,” will be an odd comedy about sex, and our project room will be literally the bacchanal of a visual orgy."

Linda Griggs in her studio (image courtesy of Christopher Stout Gallery)

Linda Griggs in her studio (image courtesy of Christopher Stout Gallery)

Christopher Stout Gallery (CSG/NY) opened in October with the debut show “Shepard” by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall. The opening and the overall excitement of the new space was 
one for the ages, and now CSG/NY is onto its second exhibition with “The First Time Is Not Like Porn” featuring paintings and drawings by Linda Griggs.

We listened to Linda speak on her subject matter during the 
February 2014 Bushwick Art Crit session, describing interviews with her friends and with strangers on their experiences with porn and losing their virginity. Now she’s carefully painted out their narratives and layered them with pornographic stills to show us her take on biological human sexuality and the artificial side of it. 

In the project room “Skin In The Game ” will take place showing the gallery’s 9 other represented artists, allowing an alternative perspective to approach Linda’s solo exhibition.