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E32's primary mission is to bring artists together in discussion with a focus on feedback and exchange of ideas. The tone of E32 is good natured and unpretentious.

As part of community outreach, non-artists and their questions are always welcome. Non-artist enjoy E32 because unlike a studio visit they see the work of many artists in one evening and unlike an opening they get to hear from and speak to the artist. 

Artist are strongly encouraged to bring business cards or contact information so that they can stay in touch with other artists and because E32 has facilitated some sales (although money is not our focus). 

E32 functions more as an informal salon than a crit group in that the work presented and the ideas behind it are resolved and fully realized. E32 is grew out of the Slide Salon, a project created by Daria Deshuk, Yon Verwer and I in 90's 
when people still used slides. Yon Verwer, now Yona Verwer, heads the Jewish Art Salon. E32 has inspired Christopher Stout's creation of the Bushwich Art Crit Group. Another artists' slide projection event to know about is Image Share Night, an annual event hosted by Nurture Art's Karen Marston.

This project is made possible in part with public funds from the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. 
Additional funding was provided by Ann Partlow. 
Thank you. 

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