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Happy Birthday to Larry Griffith

Today, March 19 is Larry Griffith's birthday. Head on over to http://www.facebook.com/groups/larrygriffithracing/ to wish him a happy birthday.

Time Sheet of the Winning Pass

Make sure to visit the Albums section for the images from Gatornationals 2012.

Image courtesy of Joe Hilger

Starting 2012 with a Win

On Monday, March 12, Charlie Fitzsimmons drove the Arrington Performance powered Larry Griffith Challenger to a win in Stock Eliminator AND Class Elimination at the Gator Nationals! The official times will be posted soon.

shopHEMI.com and Larry Griffith Challengers

Here is a collection of pictures featuring both the shopHEMI.com Challenger and the Larry Griffith Challenger.

Lowest E.T. in A/SA Eliminator at the Mac Tools Nationals

This Labor Day weekend, at the Mac Tools Nationals in Indianapolis, IN, the Larry Griffith Challenger recorded the lowest E.T. at the event in A/SA Eliminator, at 9.88. This was a shining light in a week plagued with less then ideal luck. In qualifying, the car went 10.21@128 mph for the number 104 qualifying position. In the first round of A/SA class eliminations, the car went 10.39@131 mph and won. After some tuning modifications the car went 9.99@134 mph and lost in the second round of eliminations. The first round of Stock Eliminator with optimal weather conditions, the car went 9.88@122 mph winning the round. This was also the lowest E.T. of the A/SA Eliminators for the event. The next round they were disqualified due to a no start on the starting line. Even though they lost in the second round of A/SA Eliminators, they are excited about the potential the car has and the fact that they have the lowest E.T. in the class for the event. A special thanks to the folks at Arrington Engines / shopHEMI.com for their hard work on the engine that powered the Larry Griffith Challenger.

shopHEMI.com Challenger

Here are some pictures of the shopHEMI.com Challenger, the latest edition to the Larry Griffith Racing team.

Larry Griffith Racing Logo Concept

Logo Concept for Larry Griffith Racing, Enjoy!

Challenger at Illinois Dyno Center

Well, they got the Challenger on the Dyno and made some good pulls. Below is a photo gallery of images taken during the runs by professional photographer Tommy Douglas. A special thanks goes out to Tom Calvert and the gang for helping with this historic event. To view the page containing the album, go to: http://public.fotki.com/TommyDz/larrys-drag-pak-at-/. Also make sure to visit the Illinois Dyno Center at: http://www.illinoisdynocenter.com/

Challenger Before the Detroit Show

Below is a photo album of the Challenger before a show in Detroit courtesy of Tommy Douglas. To view the page containing the album, go to: http://public.fotki.com/TommyDz/photo-shoot-of-larr/?cmd=slideshow_wiz

Challenger at Belvedere Car Show

Here is an album of the car at the Car Show in Belvedere, IL. Photos are courtesy of Tommy Douglas. You can view the page containing the album at: http://public.fotki.com/TommyDz/larry-griffiths-200/

Super stock Challenger Update

May 23, 2009

Larry just returned from Detroit where they installed custom headers on the Challenger. 

Click the thumbnail below to navigate to Don Ball's Newest album of the Super Stock Challenger. It Included the new paint job and lettering on the car, enjoy!

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by doncball

Challenger Update

March 11, 2009

Larry received the Super Stock Challenger on Monday at the Roush Complex in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is currently on display at South Oak Dodge in Matteson, IL till March 13. Below are some of the pictures taken at the event in Auburn Hills on Monday. 

Super Stock Challenger at Auburn Hills

A special thanks to James Guzzo for sharing these photos. 

February 15, 2009

Larry has received word that he is to get the first Challenger Drag Race Package Car off the assembly line. It is to go into production shortly, more information to follow ...

Engine Update

Larry obtained, at the beginning of December, a high mileage 6.1L Hemi from a totaled Dodge Magnum SRT 8. He is currently in the middle of tearing it down to check for wear and tear along with researching modifications that can be done to squeeze as much power from it as he can.

Stephen Griffith,
Jan 19, 2010, 7:41 PM