Softbox Grid & Grid for other devices - make to order

My offer is addressed to: 
  • Someone who already have a softboxes, but can not find a grids for them 
  • Someone who are vain hopes that grid from an unknown manufacturer bought on ebay, will be set perfectly on softbox, without sagging, warping and will work properly 
  • Someone who already has a grid, but does not feel the effect of their use or not satisfied with this effect
  • Someone who understands, that grid with large and shallow cell, in principle, can not give the desired effect
  • Owners softboxes premium brands, such as: Aurora, Bowens, Broncolor, Chimera,
    Dedolight, Hensel, Elinchrom, Photoflex, Plume Wafer, Profoto, Westcott, which can
     experience significant savings
  • Film/video studios are equipped with lighting, such as Kino Flo
Grids can be made: 
  • For softboxes, which have a recessed front that allows to attach a grid 
  • For softboxes, that do not have a recessed front that allows to attach a grid 
  • For lighting, such as Kino Flo
  • For other light modifiers and lighting devices

By default it is assumed, that anyone, from coming here, no need to explain what a "grid" in the context of light control and what they need. In the network more than enough information about it. Allow yourself only to focus on the absolute necessity of having grids for lighting in small studio spaces. 

Grids with a reinforcing spring frame

The video (see above) demonstrates the features of the design. On the video grid for softbox 60×90 cm and octabox 150 cm, the cell size 5×5×5 cm.
The main advantage of grid with spring reinforcing frame is its ability with a sufficient degree of rigidity to hold the specified form and to provide the correct geometry of the cells. Ease of installation/dismantling and storage grid, can be considered a small but nice addition. Grid installed on the softbox using Velcro. 

Grid_Profoto_RFI_30x180_1   Softbox grid_Hyundae_Rime_Lite_60x85   BOWENS_Grid_40x140_1   Grid_Profoto_RFI_150_1   Grid_Profoto_RFI_150_2

A significant part of the range of softboxes has no recessed front for attaching grid. Installing grids such softboxes impossible. As a compromise out of this desperate situation offered grids with reinforcing spring frame is further equipped with a special mounting "skirt" with which they are installed on the softbox.

Elinchrom-Indirect-33x175-grid_1   Elinchrom_Rotalux_grid_50x130   Elinchrom-Portalite-66x66-softbox-grid-3   Elinchrom-Rotalux-60x80-softbox-grid-4

Mount grid on rectangular softbox

Mount grid on octabox, parabox

Elinchrom-Deep-Octa-100-grid-1 Elinchrom-Deep-Octa-100-grid-3 Elinchrom-Deep-Octa-100-grid-5

Grid for softbox type "EzyBox"


Grids for film/video lighting

Film/video industry also has a need to control the scattering angle and direction of light.
Grid for Kino Flo 4Bank 4ft, exclusive version with a cell size 8×8×12 cm and with duble spring reinforcing frame.


Grid for another Fluorescent Lighting, cell size 7.6×7.6×7.6 cm (3×3×3"), spring reinforcing frame and special mounting "skirt"Grid installed using Velcro. Complete with grid supplied the necessary amount of high quality self-adhesive Velcro tape for sticking in a few places on the housing. If the housing of the lighting device will be susceptible to the action of the magnet, then mount the grid can be elegantly implemented using powerful neodymium magnets.

Grid for Lowel Rifa-Lite EX88 softbox. Angle of light scattering 40°, cell size 6.39×6.39×7.60 cm (2.52×2.52×3.00")


Angle of light scattering

Basic cell size 4.26×4.26×5.00 cm (1.68×1.68×2.00"), angle of light scattering 40°.
The cell size can be changed according to customer.

For those wishing to deal with the theme of "The dependence the angle of light scattering from the cell size", will result in data from the Lighttools company, specializing exclusively on the grids production.

Grids that includes in the kit to inexpensive softboxes, often have very large and small depth cell, give a minimal effect and can be considered more of a simulation grids or good marketing ploy by the manufacturer. For such grids never indicated any angle light scattering and size of the cell. Do the right grids with small, deep cell technologically difficult, long and expensive.


The results of a little test for those, who may be interested in the question - "Is it possible to make a white grid and how it will work"
As an example the black and white grids 40° for Elinchrom Deep Octa 70 cm (27.5")


Order, delivery and payment

Each grid is produced to customer order
Payment after receiving and verification grid (to the exclusion of Republic of Korea, cause below)
Payment method - PayPal
Standard International Shipping

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Until he pays the bill, I cannot trust anyone from Republic of Korea. Prepayment only.
I'm very disappointed, but $200 won't make me lose faith in people.

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