e-Learning, Knowledge Creation, Emergence

As learners turn toward just-in-time (JIT) answers and support networks, it becomes more pressing for designers to understand how knowledge can be harnessed in the digital environment. My work investigates DESIGN, CREATION and SUPPORT for environments where we create, locate and share knowledge. Emergence-based learning design must allow for the new, anytime and all-the-time learner.  New tools for collaboration and knowledge exchange have the possibility of deeper learning for the individual, but also for sharing what is known within the organizational or collaborative knowledge base.

Right now, I love exploring the way social technologies have changed the way we share, explore and learn, especially a new generation's use of  Wikipedia, YouTube, Google tools of all sorts, and the ever-expanding list of applications for e-learning. 

My recent research attempts to step into the realm of this complex world of social media by finding trusted members of the Blogosphere community who are studying/researching/designing new learning and organizational knowledge. I've asked them to explain what they now believe to be true about successful practices within this new digital learning environment. Visit my research site to explore the methodology and their answers.

I'll try to keep links to my sites, to new ideas and emerging practices posted here. 

Namaste. Colleen