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Volleyball games open to the public begin in July at Palio Faliro, Schinias, and Palaia Fokaia beaches.
The beaches at Palio Faliro and Piraeus have signs warning you of the high levels of pollution. Believe them. The Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO or EOT) can give you a list of their beaches, which have snack bars and beach umbrellas, chairs, dressing rooms, various courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball, water slides, banana rides or other children's activities, sports equipment for rent, and occasionally windsurfing and waterskiing lessons. Most are open from 8 AM to 8 PM in summer; tickets run about EUR2 - EUR3, with reduced rates for children.
The main beaches close to Athens are found at the shoreline in the regions by the same name: Alimos (Telephone: 210/982-7064); Avlaki (Telephone: 22990/72826), which is actually organized by the municipality Markopoulos; Voula (Telephone: 210/895-3248 1st beach; 210/895-9587 2nd beach); Akti Vouliagmenis (Telephone: 210/896-0906); and Varkiza (Telephone: 210/897-2434 or 210/897-2436). Vouliagmeni (Telephone: 210/896-2237), whose spring-fed waters are reputed to have curative powers, is popular with older Greeks. You can swim year-round since the water remains a steady 20°C (68°F). The lake opens at 6:30 AM; tickets are about EUR3.50. A number of pleasant tavernas line the sandy shoreline.

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