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Kalos Orissate!

These words have special meaning to visitors. You pronounce them "Kaa-los O-res-ah-tay", and whether you are here for the first or fifth time, they mean simply and sincerely "Welcome to Greece!".

Greece, you will discover, is a marvelous mixture of mythology and modernity, a country of countless contrasts and contradictions. Its bustling seaports and expanding cities inspire movies and market research. Its taverna tunes head the international "hit parade". Local cooking has impressed enough visiting housewives so that moussaka is no longer a novelty in Miami.

Publicity in recent years, especially during The Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games, has advised world travelers that Greece is a real bargain. It still is! There are real values to be found, from hotels to many kinds of shopping.

On the following pages you will find a very carefully selected guide to restaurants, shops, services, hotels and entertainment. We have designed this "preview" to save you time in finding the very best goods and services. Every establishment listed honors our high quality standards, and we are sure that you will be given a cordial welcome wherever you choose to use their services.

Whenever you go in our country, we hope you will have enjoyable, rewarding experiences. Someone has said that Greece wears many faces, all of them sunny. That warmth, we believe, is best reflected in the smile and spirit of our people - from the sponge seller on the corner, to the bright-eyed boy who seems so pleased to serve you a glass of cold beer!

Kalos Orissate!

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