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The martingale dog collar provides more control over your beloved pet, without the choking effect of a choke collar. Initially designed for sighthounds, because their heads are smaller than their necks and they can often slip out of standard collars, the martingale dog collar has gained popularity among other breed owners.

The martingale is a buckle-less double-loop design that slips over your dog's head. Simply attach the leash to the smaller, control loop. When the leash is pulled, the larger loop tightens to prevent the pet from slipping out of the collar -- without gagging or choking. This no-slip feature has made them a safety standard at many kennels and shelters.

Properly fitted, the martingale dog collar will be comfortably loose when not in use. When the martingale control loop is pulled, the two slides (hardware on the small control loop) should pull close together, but never touch.

We design and hand-make all of our products with the highest quality materials. Our collars fit approximately 14"-20". If you have a request for a different size or style, please contact us, and we'll do our best to get you what you want.



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