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Understanding Structure-Function Relationships of Molecular Semiconductors from Single Molecules to Devices


The scientific goal of our research is to understand how conformations and packing interactions affect the electronic properties of molecular semiconductor materials.  We are particularly interested in conjugated polymers that possess unique optical and electronic properties not observed in small molecule analogs.  Adding electron accepting molecules to polymers as well as self-assembly of polymer chains into well-defined nanostructures opens up new possibilities for tuning  photophysical processes through subtle changes in conformations and packing characteristics.  This strategy is particularly important for solar cell applications where the fundamental mechanisms of material function are still actively debated.  Our group primarily uses spectroscopic and electrical imaging to generate spatial correlations between local structure (packing and composition) and material performance in functioning devices.  We also perform various single molecule-nanoparticle spectroscopy and resonance Raman spectroscopy to further understand how distinct structures contribute to material performance.  Students gain experience in a variety of spectroscopic and materials techniques in addition to advanced device characterization and electrochemical techniques.   The ultimate goal of our research is to build new predictive models that describe materials properties over the nano- to micro-scale range, which encompasses the distance scales of the critical physical processes in devices.