A voice for compassion for Greyhounds, advocating an end to Greyhound racing.
Raising global Greyhound issues, awareness, Welfare concerns
 and campaigns.

Every day, around the world, thousands of Greyhounds are used as commercial tools to sustain a racing industry.
An industry defended as a 'tradition' or 'heritage' and promoted as a 'fun night out', with cheap or free deals to get people through the track doors.
Money is the primary objective and consequently tens of thousands of Greyhounds are bred and face a grim life - 
For many it is life very short-lived.



Help speak up for Greyhounds around the world with Current Campaigns and Petitions.

Crunch-time nears for fate of Wimbledon - please join the action.

MP John Kaye successfully moved a motion in Parliament to set up a parliamentary inquiry into NSW greyhound racing - Australian advocates you are invited to join in - please take the opportunity.

The good people who organised 1000 Greyhounds in 2012 bring you 1000 Sighthounds for 2013.

3 fundraisers where you can help -  Gareth Bishop to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for GRWE. Thmoas Mayor Shades of Greys book of rescued hounds for HUG.  An appeal for 'H' from volunteer for Kent Greyhound Rescue.

Greyhound  Track Manager forgot to dispose of dog - PTS Greyhound left to 'not rot' in kennel for a week.

Written Declaration For the Protection Of Greyhounds Closes - many thanks for YOUR support for 3 months.

Terrible news of more Greyhound bodies found - not long after Limerick Greyhounds failed trial. IGB reply to Greyhound Safe Ireland. The shooting of Greyhounds is not seen as inhumane

Action for Greyhounds joins Face Book.

GRAI Greyhound Watch - you maybe able to contribute and help.

2012 - A Year of Truths - Summary of news/issues/appeals for Greyhounds in 2012.

Recent Announcements

  • Celebration of Sighthounds Last year the wonderful people of  The Greyhound Sanctuary ,a small charity in the West Country of the UK, worked hard organising an attempt of aworld record for the ...
    Posted Aug 18, 2013, 3:57 AM by Greyhound Safe
  • Written Declaration For the Protection Of Greyhounds Closes Written Declaration 0006/2013 on putting an immediate stop to the torture and mistreatment of greyhounds closed on Monday 15th July.The Written Declaration was launched in the European Parliament ...
    Posted Jul 17, 2013, 10:27 AM by Greyhound Safe
  • 'Crunch-time nears for fate of Wimbledon' As we saw in early March 2013, Irish business tycoon and former Irish Greyhound Board Chairman - Paschal Taggart revealed revised plans for a new Greyhound track at Wimbledon(UK).The ...
    Posted Jul 18, 2013, 5:40 AM by Greyhound Safe
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'no problem [with]shooting a dog in the head' 'its just the same as injecting them. It's all over in seconds' 
John Corkery, Greyhound trainer, Ireland, 2013.
'I've seen dogs being shot, it's quick and painless.....it has to be done
there's too many to rehome and you can't keep them all on your couch'
John Daniels, Greyhound trainer, Ireland, 2013.

'..in more recent years, 15 to 20 years..the incidents of hock injuries are a wee bit more prevalent....its not an uncommon injury in racing greyhounds..'
 John Connor - Racing Manager for Drumbo Park Greyhound Stadium,N.Ireland, 2012.

'..around 3,000[NSW] greyhounds a year are euthanized......we've said about putting into place a number of actions which will bring that number down to a level which is more acceptable...'
Brent Hogan - CEO Greyhound racing New south Wales,Australia,