Feathers from the GREY EAGLE Cap

Words from Grey Eagle Owners


I was at a bluegrass festival about two year ago when I heard my first Grey Eagle Mandolin. It was being played on stage and I could not believe the sound that was coming from that mandolin. It had such great tone and sustain, and what a solid chop!!

When the group was done with their set I went up to the mandolin player and asked him what he was playing. He told me he was playing a Grey Eagle and he let me see it. It not only had a great sound, but the craftsmanship was amazing and it had great playability. Then he told it was hand built custom mandolin. I thought to myself and then told the musician I would never be able to afford such a great mandolin.

He gave me Skip’s phone number and told me to give him a call. When I called Skip and talked to him I could not believe the price.

In my Opinion…you will never find a better sounding mandolin. I don’t care how hard you try, and you can’t beat the price. Needless to say I am the proud owner of Grey Eagle # 21 .I own three other mandolins, but my Grey Eagle is the only one I play. I would put a Grey Eagle up against any other Mandolin. I hope to someday have my second Grey Eagle. For the Quality and the Price you cannot go wrong.





Frank Doody

New Brunswick Canada


Raymond Peyre (Skip) has a GOD given talent for building Instruments. With a touch of the master’s hand he is producing a sound all his own. He incorporates all the old and new techniques and puts his heart and soul into every one .No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned Pro you will enjoy playing a Grey Eagle. There are so many touching features built into my Grey Eagle Mandolin #22 it is uncanny. It is the best instrument I have on this planet.





Keith Madison



 I've had quite a few high end mandolins & played many more including a signed Loar, but after talking with Skip and other owners of a ' Grey Eagle' including Ray Legere, who's touring with one, I knew Skip was making mandolins with great tone & playability & man was I happy when mine arrived, great highs as well as bottom end, beautiful workmanship, finish etc.. What can I say but - very orgasmic, no need to take any trips to the bedroom anymore, my marriage is suffering, but what the hang...i'm in love with my ' Grey Eagle' *. 





Dan Shikenjanski



Hey Skip. 

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still lovin' this little beauty.  There's only been one day that I didn't have a chance to play it.  The only criticism that I've had from anybody about the mandolin - is that the "Grey Eagle" logo is too small.  Everyone is very impressed with the volume and the depth of its tone.  And to think it will get even better!

Anyway, I hope things are going well for you.  Thanks for your good work.




Patricia Richard

Hey Skip!  You didn’t think you were gonna get rid of me that easy did ya??  Haha!  Just wanted to thank you once again for the most beautiful instrument in the world.  I am absolutely in love with this mandolin and want to play it all the time.  I think I’ve only tuned it once since I picked it up!  It’s staying in tune and the tone is incredible.  Everybody who has seen it is very impressed.


It was a great pleasure meeting you. My husband and I very much enjoyed our time there with you.  Hope we get the chance to meet again, if ever I am in Montreal I’ll give you a shout.  Now I’ll have to get composing…maybe I’ll have to compose ‘Skip’s reel’!!!


Take care and thank you from the bottom of my heart!




Caleb Powers

Hi Skip.

My name is Caleb Powers.  I'm in Newark Ohio, and just this morning I traded an old Gibson A3 with some repair issues to a fellow named Bob Acord for the Model 2 Point Mandolin.  Which is an A5 made by you.  Apparently about 15 years ago or so according to Bob.  I wanted to use the power of the internet here to commend your craftsmanship on this instrument.  It is truly beautiful in sound, feel, and aesthetic.  I had a few questions for you about the instrument.  This is my first step into higher quality instrumantation (at least in term of mandolins) and being that it is one of a kind, I'd like some advice and I would also just like to acknowledge the maker.  I was given your telephone number by Bob and may give you a call in the near future.  It just so happens I'm at my computer right now and with the mandolin in front of me this crossed my mind.  Hope to hear from you.