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Construction Services now provided by Grew Design

posted Apr 24, 2014, 6:59 PM by Milton Grew

In an effort to simplify and consolidate our business operations, clients that want to have us build or manage construction of their projects will be having Milton Gregory Grew as sole proprietor provide that contracted service. As of March 31, 2014 Grew Construction LLC was dissolved and will no longer do business as that legal entity. Seeing that our clients usually already had Greg Grew as their architect it just seems simpler to maintain that same business relationship through construction. This in no way changes who is providing the service, what we do or how we do it.


posted Aug 27, 2009, 11:30 AM by Milton Grew

While Grew Design, Inc has been providing architectural design for the past 20 years, there has been a small player in the shadows who would build a few of our design projects each year - Grew Construction, LLC. We have never strongly marketed our construction capability and just kept it as an option for clients who particularly valued our relationship through design and really wanted us to stay on board and be their general contractor.
The construction option actually started by accident many years ago. We had designed a modest master suite addition for a home in Westchester County, NY and our cost estimate indicated it should cost $100,000 to build. We gave our clients the plans and they were going to hire their own local builder. Well, they called us two months later complaining that the lowest bid they could get was $180,000. Of course, we were worried and I wondered where we went wrong. My estimator insisted we had not made a mistake and that the project could be built for $100,000 including a nice profit and that we could do it ourselves. Trusting my estimator I told our clients that we would be willing to build the project for our estimated price. They were overjoyed and I was a little nervous! Well, in the end our clients were very happy with the project and we had made a nice profit. From that time on we have kept the construction option available.
As the years have gone by we have built up a nice portfolio of construction projects that also happen to be our design projects as well. So I thought it was time to put out a website that would showcase and promote our construction services. So you are invited to see our new website for Grew Construction, LLC here:
You will see that most of the work has been in the residential sector. However, we would like to expand into more commercial projects as well. For instance, at present we are building alterations to the Milford Plaza retail center in Milford, CT.
Also all of our work to date has been designed by Grew Design, Inc. Well, that's been pretty easy! So we would also like to take on the designs of other architects and designers, too.
We maintain a very high ethical standard of practice so architects, designers, and other general contractors do not need to worry that we will horn in on their action or take their customers away. It won't happen. GC's working on Grew Design projects have never felt threatened that we also build and that will continue.
So I ask you to consider Grew Construction, LLC for any upcoming construction projects or refer us to your friends and associates - regardless of whether an architect is needed.
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General Building Construction Services
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Milton Gregory Grew, AIA
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