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Family Home - Rowayton

241 Main Street South
Woodbury, Connecticut 06798-3440
Telephone (203) 217-1074

Sometimes you just have to start all over again. This project in the Rowayton section of Norwalk, CT was basically a "knock down". There was a small Cape Cod house that was worn out and too small for the family. When we were done all that was left of the original was the basement and some floor framing.

Here is what the homeowners wrote in their own words:

"Working with Grew Design was a pleasure. Our 1100 SF home in Rowayton was bursting at the seams with 3 kids under 3 years of age. A plan was formulated by my wife and myself to locate an architect that could understand the meaning of deadline, budget, and functionality. Many of the homes in our area are pretty to look at but lack the functional requirements of a comfortable home. We met with over 20 such architects before meeting Greg Grew. Greg understood that the project that we proposed would require us to relocate for 6 months maybe more. He also understood that we had a tight budget that had very little room for mistakes. The Grew Design team created the perfect home for us for our specified budget. We told him a price that we wanted to spend and they designed it for that. The scope was extensive, requiring many variances; Grew Design handled all the legal aspects with ease." 

"The house was being transformed from a 1920's (110sq ft) summer home on the water in Rowayton to a 3100 SF modern functional masterpiece. Our plans were drafted quickly, professionally and flawlessly. Once the plans were complete we put the project out to bid. All contractors that responded were higher than our estimated budget. Greg Grew decided to build the house for our original project budget. He assembled a team, processed all of the paper work with the city and began on schedule. A verbal timeline was discussed and Greg felt comfortable saying we would be back in the home in 6 months. We had to because the lease on the rental was up in 6 months. Our home passed inspection and was granted a CO on time." 

"The construction started December 7, 2003 and was ready to move in on May 7, 2004. After the sub-zero temps that the construction team braved during the winter of 2004 this is nothing shy of a miracle. I highly recommend Grew Design to anyone that is looking for an architect with an eye for style, an understanding of value, and a concept to succeed. Our kids now have a home that they can grow and enjoy."

The rest of the story is that several years later the owners sold the house for a substantial profit. It was no surprise to them because when the plans had been finished and they applied for financing their lender told them the house would be worth far more than their investment immediately upon the project's completion. We were very pleased we were able to add such value to their home.