Welcome to Gretton Village Hall, Gretton, Nr Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, GL54 5EP, UK.


Gretton Village Hall (refurbished and extended in 2009) and adjoining Playing Field are owned and managed by the Gretton Village Association (registered Charity 298899). 
Rooms in the Hall are available for Hire - see Facilities , Hiring the Hall , Hire Charges for more information.

You can read the draft minutes of the October 29th 2020 Annual General Meeting below.
These remain draft until signed at the 2021 AGM

Dates for your Diary

Family Quiz Fundraiser

Friday November 20th at 7.20pm via Zoom

All welcome

Parties must adhere to covid restrictions and not mix households (unless in social bubble)

£5.00 entry per team

Winner to receive £20 Amazon gift voucher or 3 hours use of hall and kitchen (once covid restrictions ended).

Please message the Gretton Gloucestershire Village Hall Facebook page for details to pay and further information will be provided for Zoom log-in details.

This is for fun and anyone is welcome from outside the village.

Gretton Village Association (Registered Charity No. 298899)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting October 29th 2020 

Present: Jan Taylor (JT) Chair

Sue Hughes (SH)

Paul Hughes (PH) Committee

Chris Vickery (CV) Committee

Laura Davies LD)

Mo Richards (MR)

John Fleck (JF)

Sue Fleck (SF) Committee – Christ Church Representative

MT Green (MTG) Committee

Gwyneth Cocks (GC)

Geoff Hanson (GH) Committee – Parish Council Representative

Doug McGowan (DM)

Jean McGowan (JM)

Terry Blaine (TB)

Stuart Tweedie (ST)

John Taylor (JWT)


 1. Apologies

 Peter Massey (Committee - Treasurer), Judith Woodlock (Committee), John Hurley, Craig Summerville,  Jenny & Tony Grey, Kate & William Stebbings.

 2. Minutes of AGM 2019

 GC proposed that the minutes be accepted as a true record. Seconded by CV.

 3. Matters Arising

 JT reported that the Hearing Loop had now been installed & was operational.

 4. Chair’s Report

 Copies of the report were circulated.

 Pre – Covid, hall lettings were increasing positively following the closure of the Playgroup.

 JT highlighted that the Covid Regulations had resulted in a virtual standstill to hall lettings from March   to September with a consequent serious reduction to income .

 We were very pleased that Gretton School & Gretton Help Force were able to make use of the Hall   during lockdown.

 Immediate prospects for revenue are contingent on future Government Covid Regulations.

 JT stressed the importance of attracting some new Committee Members to contribute new ideas &   skills going forward & also the development of wider community involvement.

 5. Finance Report

 Copies of the Accounts to 31st Aug. 2020 together with the Treasurers Report were circulated.

 In the treasure’s absence JLT reviewed some of the main items.

 - The financial year started well but Income dropped dramatically post the Covid lockdown

 - The Government Hospitality & Leisure Grant of £10,000 paid via Tewkesbury Borough Council has   ensured that we were not in deficit during the financial year. In response to a question from JF, JLT   confirmed there was no time frame in which this grant money needed to be spent.

 - There are ongoing & unavoidable regular costs such as Insurance, Energy, Equipment Servicing &   Inspections & Grass Cutting which the grant has helped us to meet.

 - A further very welcome grant has been made by The Greenfields Trust which will enable us to   replace  the original heating system with modern much more efficient electrical radiators & control   system.

 - Whilst we have an apparently healthy balance in the accounts a considerable amount of this has   been  earmarked for essential building maintenance & redecoration projects.

 - The Committee also consider it essential to maintain a contingency against unforeseen building   repairs.


 6. Election of the Committee

 All of 6 Elected Committee Members were willing to stand for a further year & this was unanimously  accepted by the meeting.

 Laura Davis agreed to become a Co-opted Committee member

 7. Any Other Business

 GH provided an overview of feedback from the recent Parish Council Survey where a majority of   respondents were in favour of improving the facilities offered by the Hall, Playing Field & Play Area.

 It was recognised that improved parking facilities would significantly enhance these amenities.

 There is the prospect of some Section 106 funding being available & GH is currently investigating this   with Tewkesbury Borough Council.

 A useful general discussion took place on ways to improve the current amenities & the marketing of  these amenities going forward.

 DM offered a vote of thanks to JLT & her Committee for their work & commitment.

 There being no futher business the meeting closed at 8.20pm