Design Overview

An outline of the technology-mediated lessons to be used 


Learning Challenges and Goals 

Anticipated Challenges 

Educational Theory Behind the Design 


The project is designed to take place over the course of several days in the context of a larger thematic unit.

Day 1
1)  Students will hear a brief lecture and watch first-hand videos on el Día de los Muertos on  This provides students with first-hand, authentic content regarding the holiday.  
2)  With instructor assistance, students will form questions on the holiday, asking about customs, dress, altars decorations, parades, and other elements of the holiday that they saw in the videos.  
3)  Students will send messages to buddies via ePals. 
4)  Students will reflect on loss and how they would like to be honored, in the style of el Día de los Muertos.

Day 2
1)  Students will report back to the class on what they have discovered from their ePals.
2)  Using Belvedere or another concept mapping software, the teacher will mediate the creation of a concept map with all the information that the students have collected.
3)  Using this concept map, students will construct additional questions to prepare for the next days' videoconference.

Day 3
1)  Students will engage in a whole-class videoconference with a school in Mexico
2)  Students and teachers will ask questions of each other in English and Spanish about the holidays that they celebrate
3)  Mexican students will show artifacts of their families' celebrations, such as costumes, altars, pan de muerto, and other similar artifacts.
4)  Students will write a written reflection on the difference between how Mexicans celebrate death and how Americans view death.