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GMVC Newsletter September 2017

Vol. 10    No.9

Chairman’s Notes, contributed by Geoff Hampson

Welcome to our September Newsletter

September sees the annual fair come to Ashby, ( something I waited for in excitement when I was younger ) and my grandchildren are ready, waiting and raring to go, no doubt we will be joining them, not on the rides I hasten to add. I mention this because here in Ashby we call the cooler evenings, starting to get dark earlier, “Statutes Weather”, not that we have had much of a summer. 

The other thing I remember about this time of year is that new Christmas Carols started to be part of our choir practice once we had gone through the music for the coming weeks services. How scary is that, something that doesn't happen at Gresley till November at the earliest I am pleased to say. Not that I don't like Christmas music but it all seems to start so early these days.

It was very pleasing to do so well at our Charity Concert this year but I am sure the SPC report will cover the concert later in the Newsletter.

We have a couple of concerts coming up this month the first one being an annual visit to The Gt. Meeting Unitarian Chapel Hinckley and we have certainly been going there as long as I have been in the choir. We are always made very welcome and always come away having enjoyed our performance.

The second is another new venue, St Michael and All Angels Church Appleby Magna on the 16th September, another great acoustic so again something to look forward to.

The Autumn Celebrity Concert is a little later this year and will be on the 

18th November. We will be making a return to Burton Town Hall. Our Celebrity Artistes will be Damien Thantrey,  someone most of you will have enjoyed before. 

He will be bringing with him soprano Louise Innes , Both are very busy and well established  professional artistes.

There will be something for everyone, both classical and lighter music so I hope you can come along to enjoy these artistes and the choir of course!

Well, as you can see all of this means that there is little rest for our choir members and as usual practice is the best way for us to ensure our performances are up to scratch chaps.

We have been working hard on our new music which I hope you will all enjoy.

Finally, I would like to welcome Stuart Ward to our second Tenor section.

Stuart was a member of Moira Male Voice choir which unfortunately ceased this year so we are delighted to welcome Stuart to continue his singing here with us.

It is sad that Moira found themselves unable to continue and I am sure Stuart would still be there otherwise but I would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone else wishing to continue singing in a choir to come along, I can assure all a warm welcome!

SPC Report, contributed by Mick Robey

Our next committee meeting is not scheduled until October and, with the holiday season still in full swing, there is little to report this month apart from a review of the recent Ticknall concert and a mention of forthcoming concerts.

Our “Charity Concert” in the wonderful old church of St. George’s at Ticknall proved to be the special event we expected. A good turnout of choristers and audience for the deserving local “Me and Dee” charity resulted in the magnificent sum of £800 being raised and an excellent letter of appreciation from Maria Hanson. The wonderful acoustics of the venue combined with a well sung programme of music created many magical moments for the very appreciative audience, many of whom voiced their congratulatory remarks on exiting the church. As an aside, many of the choir picked up their free Wallflower plants after the concert and I look forward to hearing of their results when we return again to Ticknall on 21st April 2018 to sing for our Vice President and SDDC Chairman, Cllr Mike Stanton in aid of the “Air Ambulance”.

This coming Saturday, 2nd September, brings our annual return to the Great Meeting Unitarian Chapel in Hinckley (LE10 1PP) commencing at 7.30 p.m. The choir have performed at this venue many times previously and are always grateful of their wonderful hospitality.

Saturday 16th September sees us performing at yet another new venue when we travel to 

St. Michael and All Angel Church at Appleby Magna, (DE12 7BQ) with a 7.15 p.m. start. An old village parish church which should possess good acoustics but please note, no reserved parking arrangements – street parking only.

MAVORO Ladies Club, contributed by Maureen Hickman

Friends and family are most welcome to join us for our social occasions.

If you would like any more information about our ladies’ evenings or events, please contact any of the numbers below.

Hilda Oates - 01283 536144 Maureen Hickman     - 01283 703218

Jan Masterman - 01283 814553 Thea King          - 01283 561352

Marian Cooper   - 01283 212890 Josie Ivens        - 01283 212914

Sept 1st   The Time Travelling Tourist Jo Golby

Sept 30th   Social Evening Five in Harmony

Mavoro Ladies Social Evening on Saturday 30th September at 6-30pm 

at Emmanuel Church hall Swadlincote 

Entertainment by “Five in Harmony” 

better known by GMVC as the Three Amigos  (plus two).

Tickets £7 including buffet, bring your own drinks

Tickets available from Steve Hickman (choir) or MAVORO ladies.

Oct 6th   Six Great Fictional Detectives Paul Newsham

Nov 3rd     Plant Hunters John Hawkins

Dec 1st     Party Night Victorian Style Christmas Jo Golby

Jan 5th AGM (2018)

MUSIC TO THE RESCUE, contributed by Bryan Hollins

When things don't go smoothly and times they are tough 

And you find yourself properly well in the rough. 

Don't throw a wobbler or get In a strop. 

Don't waste your energy blowing your top. 

My ideal solution for lightening the mood 

Is not boozing or sulking or comforting food 

But something beloved by all of mankind 

That's magic and precious and easy to find. 

Put on some music, whatever you choose 

Be it hip hop or opera or rhythm and blues. 

For an age-old solution that never goes wrong, 

Turn on and tune in to your favourite song. 

Stresses and worries will soon disappear 

As the music reminds you of all you hold dear. 

You hardly remember the things that went wrong 

When you're lost in the sound of your favourite song. Roxina Stone, Ibiza 

 “DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN? “, contributed by Mick Robey

The media this week has been full of Princess Diana on the 20th Anniversary of her death. Just as 20 years ago and the few years before that, every newspaper and news bulletin contained pictures and stories of this beautiful and iconic person who married into royalty, but was never fully accepted, except by the common people. The tragic story and her untimely death will continue to live on in the history books for many years to come. 

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news of her death? I remember very clearly on Sunday 1st September at 9 a.m. when I stepped out of the restaurant of Hotel Terminus on the southern shore of Lake Garda in Italy for a smoke. I strolled just a few yards across the shingle beach to watch one of the local fishermen. Being an “old” Italian, he did not speak English. Being an old Englishman, I did not speak Italian, but somehow, he managed to convey to me the news of Diana’s death. I reported back to the hotel and the other guests and in disbelief, we turned on the TV where we stayed for some considerable time watching the pictures. Similarly, on Friday night on 22nd November 1963 I was picked up by my family at the gates of Rolls Royce on Nightingale Road, Derby at 10 p.m. after completing the nightshift, where I was informed of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Dates like these of important worldly happenings tend to stick in our minds and no doubt you too can remember where you were on the above dates. I can also easily remember the evening of Friday 28th January 1977 as the first time I attended the newly formed MMVC and also Friday 4th March 2011 as my first attendance at GMVC. It is true, some may “sad”, that as we get older we can remember things from years ago but ask me what happened last year and I haven’t a clue! That is except from some of the very memorable concerts we performed. By the way, during August I celebrated my 49th wedding anniversary (so I was told). Can someone remind me next August that my “Golden” is due and if they can ascertain the date for me (secretly) that would be a great help!

Spare a thought for those who are not members of any organisation, they cannot look back on their lives with much satisfaction of happy memories and achievement. I constantly hear reminiscences about past concerts, tours and celebrated artistes GMVC have shared the concert platform with. Every concert leaves a lasting impression, some more so than others, but it is the enjoyment and sense of achievement that we remember most, otherwise we would not remember them. I am looking forward to the next concert, and the next, who knows, it could prove to leave a lasting happy memory to look back on in future years! 

Who is this Mystery Biker?, (Wandered far from Overseal?)

Secretary’s Update – contributed by Derek Bartlett

NEW CONCERT Sat 7 October in aid of Operation Christmas Child

Please bear in mind there could be further amendments to the list below, extra concerts, 

Uniform colour and start times all subject to change.

Tickets available from 07399 417995

Or online via "We Got Tickets" 



Post Code



Sat 2 Sept

The Gt. Meeting Unitarian Chapel,

Baines Lane, Hinckley 7.30 pm

LE10 1PP


Sat 16 Sept

St Michael & All Angel Church, Church Lane

Appleby Magna 7.15 pm

DE12 7BQ.


Sat 7 Oct

Concert In aid of Operation Christmas Child

at Riverside Church 79-81 High Street Burton on Trent

DE14 1LD


Sat 18 Nov


With Damian Thantrey Baritone and

Louise Innes Mezzo-soprano

at Burton Town Hall Tickets £12

DE14 2EB


Sun 26 Nov

Celery/Men’s Sunday 

at Trinity Methodist Linton Heath 3 pm

DE12 6PD


Sat 2 Dec


Swadlincote Town Hall 10 am – 1 pm

DE11 9DG


Sat 16 Dec

Annual Christmas Concert

at St Peter & St Paul Catholic Church 7.15 pm 

Tickets £6 Children Free includes refreshments

DE11 0BD



Sun 7 Jan

Leonard Cheshire Disability Newlands House 2 pm 

DE12 8DA


Sat 10 Mar

The Palace, High Street, Ibstock 7.30 pm

LE67 6LH


Sat 24 Mar

GMVC Joint Concert with City of Coventry MVC

In aid of Spencer Park

at Earlsdon Methodist Church



Sat 21 April

SDDC Chairman’s Charity Concert in aid of 

Air Ambulance Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland 

at St George’s Church, Ticknall 

DE73 7JU


Sat 16 June



at Burton Town Hall

DE14 2EB


Sat 30 June

GMVC Joint Concert with Rolls-Royce Ladies

at the Rolls-Royce Nightingale Hall

Moor Lane, Derby complex

DE24 9HY


Sat 10 Nov


with Gresley Colliery Band

at Burton Town Hall

DE14 2EB


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Eric Coxon 31st August 2017