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GMVC Newsletter February 2018


Vol. 11    No.2


Chairman’s Notes, contributed by Geoff Hampson

Not much to report this month as the only concert so far was our annual return to Newlands House and as usual we were made most welcome. The room was full of both patients and their families who were very generous with their applause. All the arrangements for next year’s visit are already in place and going there is always a pleasure.


We have also had our AGM during January so all our plans are now in place for this coming year, scary I know but it allows us to plan in front with lots to look forwards to.It was sad for us to see Tom Horsepool retire from the post of Vice President at our AGM.Tom has been a very generous supporter of the choir for many years, always ready to help when ever asked, unfortunately Tom doesn’t get out much but he is kindly continuing as a patron.

Sean Bambrick has kindly agreed to take over from Tom which is fitting as he is like Tom, very local to our area. I feel sure some of you will know Sean as he is a local councillor representing Swadlincote North on Derbyshire District Council.


Now with everything quiet on the choir front I thought I would add the following to show the benefits of being in our choir and when our wives and partners read item three their friends will be sending us some new members.


1.      Singing Soothes Asthma Symptoms

If you sing, really sing, from your belly, you’re already well aware that singing is a lot easier if you breathe properly. Well, a 2014 review published by the National Institutes of Health touts the many benefits of music therapy, particularly for asthma patients.

The NIH study reveals that the slower, purposeful breaths taken while belting out a tune helps to lessen the symptoms of mild asthma and improve overall lung function.


2. Sing for Better Heart Health

Some might say you put your whole heart into karaoke night, however, it turns out that singing actually has rocking (in a good way) effects on your cardiovascular health. Much akin to yoga, a Swedish study found that singing improves heart function essentially by forcing us to take larger, slower, more purposeful breaths.

The 2013 study, published in the journal, Frontiers in Psychology, found that choral singers had slower respiration, which in turn improved their heart rate variability (HRV) and had a biologically soothing effect on overall heart function


3. Sing to Snore Less

Do your nightly snores, sputters, and sleep apnea have the dog (and your spouse) howling for respite? Luckily, you may find some sleepy solace (for you, your spouse, and the family pet) if you take up singing.

According to a 2008 snoring study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine those who sing, snore far less. The study monitored the snoring of a group of choral singers and compared them to non-song birds. The study concluded that singers had stronger airway muscles, which drastically reduced the music in the tune of zzzzzzzzzzzz (aka: sawing logs) during sleep.


4. Sing a Tune to Boost Immunity

Even though we are not Disney princesses who sing to cure all of our troubles. Wouldn’t that be nice? However, in real life, research published in the journal, eCancer Medical Science, claims that singing can improve immune function and the body’s ability to lower stress and fight off disease.

The UK study took samples of saliva samples from cancer patients and detected increased cytokines (immune system molecules) and decreased cortisol (stress hormone) in patients who’d recently sang a tune or two. The researchers consider this positive preliminary proof that singing can strengthen immunity.


5. The Bond of Song


Personally speaking, I have to really like someone in order to break into song in front of them. However, a study published by the Royal Society of Open Science claims that singing creates tight social bonds between individuals.

Study researchers claim it’s all thanks to the “ice breaker effect”, a bond that was common among new-established singing choir and band members. The findings note that in new-formed non-singing groups (i.e., book clubs, writing clubs, and quilting clubs, etc.) the bonds were not as strong.


6. Singing in Praise of Positivity

You might believe you need a pretty high opinion of yourself to sing in front of a group of people. However, this National Institutes of Health study from 2004 claims that the more you sing, the more improved your positivity and self image will become.

The study monitored a group of amateur choral singers and found that the very act of singing reduced cortisol (stress hormone) while improving overall mood and emotional states (by measuring S-IgA) levels in saliva samples. Overall, the singers enjoyed positive boosts to their emotional and immune health.


I bet most of us can identify with some of this at least!


SPC Report, contributed by Mick Robey


Because our first meeting of the New Year is next week, there is not a great deal to report.


We have one concert this month with the Atmosphere Glee Choir which takes place on Saturday 24 February at St. Michael’s Church, Bramcote,(NG9 3HD) just off the A52 on the way into Nottingham and is very easy to find. We had considered coaching for this event but we have now received more information about the concert itself. It would appear the concert will commence at 7 p.m. and conclude by 9 p.m. with several other choirs also participating. Also, being suggested are joint items and pre–concert practices so, until we hear from our hierarchy what our actual involvement will be, coaching may not be feasible if it is indeed practicable. We hope to have a decision on this after next week’s meeting.


Since our last report, the other two concert venues of Pitminster and Chard for our Tour to Somerset on 11th May, have now been confirmed. We are also delighted that our number of choristers for the tour has risen to 25 and also our total party number has now increased to 59 persons.


Last month we mentioned that our “Celebrity Concert” this year takes place at Burton Town Hall on Saturday 16 June with the very welcome return of Grimethorpe Band, and a prompt that it was necessary to start thinking about obtaining your tickets early to avoid disappointment. We can inform you that tickets have already been purchased from our “online” sales and also reserved from our own choir ticketing agent Ralph Furner – so don’t miss out!


We have now received 33 replies for our survey among choir members concerning future choir tours. It is hoped these will be analysed next Monday at committee, so there is very little time left if you wish your ideas and thoughts to be included in our deliberations


MAVORO Ladies Club, contributed by Thea KIng


Friends and family are most welcome to join us for our social occasions.
If you would like any more information about our ladies’ evenings or events, please contact any of the numbers below.

Hilda Oates       - 01283 536144                                  Maureen Hickman     - 01283 703218
Jan Masterman - 01283 814553                                  Thea King                - 01283 561352                          
Marian Cooper   - 01283 212890                                 Josie Ivens               - 01283 212914

MAVORO Programme 2018, submitted by Maureen Hickman

February 2nd     Blood Bikers                             Team Member

March 2nd          Made in Derbyshire                  Shirley Horton                          

April 6th             Gymslips & Chalkboards           Kath Reynolds

May 4th                         Dragonflies                               Kevin Reynolds

June 1st            Superstitions                            Paul Newsham

July 6th             Painting with Light                    Richard Stone

August 3rd        Meal                                        

September 7th  Quiz                                        

October 5th       The Laura Ashley Story                                    Jo Golby

November 2nd   Bess of Hardwick Hall                          John Hawkins

December 7th    Party Night - Tis the Season to be Jolly   Kath Reynolds

January 4th       AGM 2019

“Baby Boomers”,
contributed by Mick Robey

What a wet start to the year, heavy rain, snow and ice, all contributing to adding a very high moisture content to the soil – sounds better than saying our gardens are mud heaps! With the rain and the cold wind I have been very much “confined to barracks” this month which has resulted in much newspaper reading.

I see the River Seine is overflowing it’s banks, so much so that the Mona Lisa has lost her smile! I can picture her now being rowed down the Seine, very much like the painting in the opening titles of the “Antiques Roadshow”, with the well- known Queen Victoria quip balloon referenced above her “We are not amused”.

Talking of France, I see Boris has been talking again and yes, as usual, before engaging his brain. He wants to build a bridge over the English Channel. Very good Boris, but no-one has told him we drive on the left and the French drive on the right – so what happens in the middle when we all collide head-on?

Hey, have you booked your summer holidays yet? If so I hope you didn’t book an all-inclusive holiday as travel companies now have to re-print all their glossy brochures to increase their prices by £22 to include sunbed hire! Pity really as I really enjoyed watching the races, different nationalities racing (just like the Olympic Games) to get the sun beds and the boxing tournaments afterwards. Television companies pay a lot of money to film these “water themed” obstacle course races but on holiday we used to get them “all inclusive”!

Now what title do you prefer to be referred to as? Are you a golden oldie, ageing, retired, pensioner, wrinkly, or silver surfer?  I am of course referring not just to the majority of the population but also to the majority of our members who were born in the last millennium. Well there’s a new one out now for your consideration, how would you like being referred to as a “Baby Boomer”. We can all understand how the name has derived as most of us are post war babies and it is not stated which war. The demarcation line appears to be the millennium. Surveys on numerous subjects are being conducted and the results are being categorised and classified between Baby Boomers and Millennials.
For example, research has shown Millennials would rather use social media to talk rather than have a face to face conversation and they are more likely never to speak to their neighbours. What a miserable and boring world we are emerging into!

To me, most of the usual titles used automatically infer that the person is over 65 whereas a baby boomer could be as young as 18. Besides, the name baby boomer could also infer we are not “over the hill” but still have something to give! So, “Baby Boomers” unite and talk to or sing with your neighbours – something we are good at doing at GMVC!!






Secretary’s Update – contributed by Derek Bartlett


Please bear in mind there could be further amendments to the list below, extra concerts,

Uniform colour and start times all subject to change.
Tickets available from 07399 417995

Or online via "We Got Tickets" 




Post Code


Sat 24 Feb

Concert in aid of Atmosphere Glee Choir

at St Michael’s Church, Bramcote, Nottingham



Sat 10 Mar

The Palace, High Street, Ibstock 7.30 pm

LE67 6LH


Sat 24 Mar

GMVC Joint Concert with City of Coventry MVC

In aid of Spencer Park

at Earlsdon Methodist Church, 223 Albany Rd. Coventry



Sat 21 April

SDDC Chairman’s Charity Concert in aid of

Air Ambulance Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland

at St George’s Church, Ticknall

DE73 7JU


Fri 11 May to

Tues15 May

Tour to Somerset



Sat 9 June

NAC Group WW1 Concert

at Albert Hall Nottingham

NG1 5AA or



Sat 16 June



at Burton Town Hall

DE14 2EB


Sat 30 June

GMVC Joint Concert with Rolls-Royce Ladies

at the Rolls-Royce Nightingale Hall

Moor Lane, Derby complex

DE24 9HY


Sat 18 Aug

GMVC Charity Concert in aid of the Renal Dialysis Unit Samuel Johnson Community Hospital Lichfield

at All Saints Church Church Rd Alrewas

DE13 7BT


Sat 1 Sept

The Gt Meeting Unitarian Chapel

Hinckley 7.30 pm

LE10 1PP


Sat 22 Sept

Concert in aid of Operation Christmas Child

at Riverside Church 79-81 High Street Burton on Trent

DE14 1LD


Sat 10 Nov


with Gresley Colliery Band

at Burton Town Hall

DE14 2EB


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Eric Coxon   31st January 2018