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"Loch Lomond"
arranged Jonathan Quick

Loch Lomond - Balanced Voices

Loch Lomond

"What Would I do Without My Music"
Morriston Orpheus

Male Chorus

Schubert Male Choruses Die Nacht Op.17 No.4

Rehearsal Parts TTBB

Night - TTBB rehearsal parts

"Where Could I Go But To the Lord"
Recording for Practice

Where could I go but to the Lord

"Where Could I Go But To the Lord"
Elvis Presley

Where Could I Go but to the Lord

"The Mansions of the Lord"

Training Tracks
1. Rhos MVC
2. Men's Ensemble

3. Morriston Orpheus

The Mansions of the Lord

"Italian Salad"

Italian Salad

Pronunciation of "Italian Salad"

An interactive version of the document below
with sounds can be found on Karl Harper's Web Page: