Hay for Sale                                                                       

Gresh Farms grows over 250 acres of timothy/alfalfa mixed hay for the horse hay market.

Large 3x4x7 square bales available (they weigh from1,000 to1,300 lbs. each). Tractor Trailer hauls 36-39 big bales per delivery. A local trucking company will deliver anywhere.

Some small square bales available. As we get older, we prefer big bales !!

Call for prices:   Prices vary with type of hay, availability and delivery location. We also purchase hay from local 
                            growers if we do not have what you want.

Best time to call is early morning 6:30 - 8 AM or in the evening 6:30-9:30 PM.

Contact Information:

Barry Gresh                                                                                               E-mail   bg4078@hotmail.com
Box #427  
Revloc, PA   15948                   Phone: (Cell)  814-244-2080                  Horse hay / Dairy hay / Beef hay