Peterson's Master The GRE 2009

Please read this user review before downloading this book:

I purchased this book (Peterson's Master The GRE 2009) in the summer and have used it quite a lot. It was reasonably helpful for the layout and general principals of the exam with some glaring exceptions. There are a great many errors in the practice questions (ie. will tell you one answer is correct and then explain why it is incorrect). The largest, and the most important error this text makes though is that it states that there is NO on-screen calculator on page 5 and then goes on to encourage liberal use of the on-screen calculator on page 20. To clear up any confusion, THERE IS NO ON-SCREEN CALCULATOR PROVIDED DURING THE GRE. This is a major error on the part of the publishers. Changes to the GRE were proposed but later scrapped before coming to fruition, one of these changes being an on-screen calculator. The number of editing errors in this book is unacceptable to me and I would recommend purchasing a different review book instead.