Wayne Grenning's Engine Collection

Wayne Grenning Hit & Miss Engine  Collection

I do not have a lot but the one I have are really nice.  Started collecting when I was in 10th grade, bought sold and swapped my way up to the collection I have today.  I would love to hear from other collectors if you have any questions or comments.


5 HP Otto Special Electric Lighting Gasoline Engine Sn 10625

5 HP Gasoline Otto Engine Sn 10743

1902 5 HP Weber Engine gasoline w/Hot tube

Extremely Rare 1904 2 HP Cook Engine Gasoline

4 HP Lambert Engine Gasoline

Meticuliously restored 1905 1/2 HP Verticle Parsell & Weed Engine

2 HP Special Electric Lighting Fairbanks Morse Type "T"


Standing beside my engine collection when I was in 12th grade