Miscelaneous Production Photos

Select photos from Grenning Models production runs

This shows the gear box assembly phase for our first model, the 1/7th scale Otto-Langen (1990)

The first group of models ever built in our shop.

1/7th scale 1867 Otto-Langen

1/6th scale Otto-Langen. 27 shown from the first run of this size model

Note the flywheel casting for the 3/4 Scale engine in the foreground

October 1999

14th scale Otto-Langen model built by Grenning Models 1991

Height of model is less than 12".  Main bearing bolts are 0-80 thread !

The  1/2 HP Springfield run

Well over 100 machined flywheels for the 1/2 scale 1 HP Springfield

The tedious job of painting (during the Springfield run)

Another view of the Springfield production run

The  1/2 HP Springfield run (shown in mid-priduction) Spring 1998

Production of the Sombart (mid-1993)

There were 3 times as many casting kits as finished models. (This was Grenning Models only casting kit available to date)