1883 Forest Slide Valve Engine Reproduction

****  Updated  April 9th 2012 **** 
Our 1st protoype engine has been built an Tested.  We are very pleased with the result.  Below are photos and video of the finised product.  
Although we have not decided on the price and availability we are currently taking names of people who wish to be considered once production starts.
Please note: These will not be offered as kits.

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YouTube Video





 1883 Forest Slide Valve Engine
Reproduction in Full Scale

Engraving of the 1/15 HP size taken from an 1885 French Publication  

  An original in the "Musée des arts et métiers" in Paris
To get around Otto's 1876 Otto 4 Stroke Cycle Patent many companies and engineers developed simpler but curious mechanisms.  Fernand Forest was a prolific French inventor with a very broad understanding of machinery.  He left his mark in the history of early internal combustion engine development being one of the first to use liquid fuel carburation, low tension ignition in combination with a magneto and an IC engine powered boat.  In the beginning  of his successful career ( prior to those developments) he developed a simple but most interesting engine.  It was built in sizes ranging from a cute tabletop 1/15 HP engine up to huge 2 HP version.
    Several unique characteristics are incorporated in this full scale 1/15th HP reproduction:
.    Noncompression
.    Slide Valve
.    Carrier Flame Ignition
.    Fueled by illuminating gas or equivalent.
.    Horizontal - Air Cooled design with its trademark Spiral fins
.    "Evans Beam" Connecting rod linkage
.    Flywheel with Curved 5 spoke Construction and Integral Pulley
.    Base Footprint of about 14" x 20" with a 21" Flywheel
.    2.5" x 5" - Bore  Stroke
.    Very limited production ( made to order only )
Update March 2012
Currently the engine has been designed, all patterns finished, all castings have been made. The prototype is being built and about 80% complete.  It will be displayed at the 2012 June Coolspring, Pa show
It is the intention of Grenning Models to offer these as finished complete running museum quality reproductions. Unfortunatly casting kits will not be offered.
Pictures will be posted shortly showing progress of this effort
Please contact us directly if you wish to be considered for one of these very limited reproductions.