"Greg and I have collaborated many times over the last decade or so, on everything from a music talk show to film projects, from event planning to graphic design. I've always been inspired by his passion, his conviction and his taste for adventure."

- Matt Kelley, owner, One Lucky Guitar (website)

"Congratulations on attracting Greg Locke to your organization or project. You've got in front of you a rare mix of 'stay up all night until the task is done right' and endless creative talent. I've pestered him about promoting his expertise and skills with more vigor and he simply won't do it. He says he's not a salesman. I've witnessed his writing and art coming into its own for the past decade. He's always directing, writing or painting something important. He tirelessly documents modern arts culture for those of us less articulate and drawn to his words. He trusts his heart, his voice, and his work, and you can, too."

- Michelle Gladieux, President, Gladieux
Consulting (
website); Adjunct Faculty:
Purdue University, Trine University,
Indiana Tech

"Greg loves a good list – so in that spirit, here's one about him. The Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire Greg: (5) He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of music and film – and he knows how to use it; (4) He's developed a creative, personal voice through his writing, painting and filmmaking work; (3) His management experience and eye for the details make him someone who can be trusted with major responsibilities; (2) He brings a single-minded work ethic to every project he tackles; (1) He's not content with the status quo. If you hire him, be prepared for an independent thinker who contributes extra thought, effort and passion toward whatever he's working on."

-Caleb Cook, news editor and digital content
director, The News-Sentinel (

"Greg has an irrepressible desire to create things. I don't think he could stop it if he tried, it's just how he is wired. I've never seen anyone work so hard on so many things simultaneously as he does. Whether its writing, directing, editing, painting or reviewing records and movies, Greg fits more creative things in one day than most people do in a month. His DIY methods for everything are awe-inspiring. Most people would be heavily limited by the budget he works with, but I've never seen anyone do so much with so little."

- Jon Keller, singer/songwriter (website)

"Greg has a tremendous work ethic. He's beyond meticulous. He believes in his work and he busts his ass to see it fully fleshed. The end product is always impressive."

- Lee Miles, singer/songwriter (website)

"I have been a fan of Greg's work for some time now. I was first drawn to his writing; when I discovered he was also the talent behind the amazing graphic design of his site - and also a filmmaker and painter - I was blown away that he had developed so many skills to such a level. The original graphics he creates are highly detailed and unique. They fit the tone of the project he is working on perfectly."

- Tony Moore, ZeCatalist.com reader

"It was my pleasure to work with Greg for over five years in two different music- and arts-related fields. As a manager and an editor, Greg was always a pleasure to collaborate with, as well as one of the hardest working people I've ever had the opportunity to work with. Greg will always go the extra mile to make sure the job is done properly."

- Chris Hupe, longtime supervisor and co-worker

"Greg is a creative giant who will continue to impress and inspire you with his graphic design, painting, films and imagination. He is a storyteller with a limitless wheelhouse of individual stories told through his strong voice and unique style on canvass, on paper or in any one of his films. Working with Greg on back-to-back projects - Forever Into Space (feature film) and In the City Wild (feature screenplay) - I have to say that he's THE hardest working creative that I have ever met. He is also incredibly sincere, a grand communicator and, if you're lucky like me, Greg will be a great artistic collaborator."

-Kelly Sebastian, writer/director, actress (website)

"Whether discussing Stephen Malkmus' eccentric genius and Pavement's role in single handedly starting an indie rock movement in the 90s, or espousing on Jean-Luc Godard, Akira Kurosawa and Jim Jarmusch, Greg Locke has a dogged determination to share his knowledge. An honest love of the arts that shows in his filmmaking, paintings and almost frantic yet steadied and endearing writings. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Greg over the last 4 years. First, when he was the managing editor of Whatzup. Then as a fellow lover of music,film and literature. His knowledge of music, film, artists and writers is encyclopedic and daunting. He uses that knowledge to help hone his own skills as a writer, filmmaker and painter. When he falls for an artist he wants the whole world to fall for them, too. You can't help but be pulled in to his enthusiasm over music and film. His love for the arts is palpable, and his talent in graphic design and writing is undeniable. Charles Bukowski said 'When you leave your typewriter, you leave your machine gun and the rats come pouring through.' Greg continues to keep those rats at bay through his writing, painting and filmmaking."

- J. Hubner, music critic, musician (website)

"Greg helped us on a three-day shoot. He came in the last day, picked up the pace right away, showed initiative and professionalism. I can only recommend him for your crew."

- Kantarama Gahigiri, writer/producer/director, "MePlusU" (website)