About Ashtanga

Ashtanga Yoga

This system was passed down by Krishnamacharya to his student Sri K. Patabhi Jois who taught with his family in Mysore India and around the world for over 70 years. It is a traditional system of Yoga based on 3 main sequences of yoga postures and is practiced by thousands of people around the world.   


Method of practice

Students practice a sequence of poses linked with
-Vinyasa (methods of getting in and out of each pose).
-Ujjayi Pranayama (deep rhythmic breathing)

-Bandha (muscular and energetic locks)

-Drishti (meditative gaze points).



Ashtanga yoga when practiced correctly, builds intense heat which helps in stretching and detoxifying the body. After practice students can expect to have had a good work out with the benefits of calmness, lightness and extra energy that comes through consistent yoga practice.


Mysore style

Students practice at there own pace and can arrive and leave within the allotted time for the class.

New students will be guided individually by Greg starting with a small amount of practice, and building up over time as the body becomes stronger and more flexible.

Shri T Krishnamacharya

Shri K Pattabhi Jois

Shri Manju Jois