The Willamette River
By: Greg Stamm

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The Willamette River in the northern section of the valley 

The Willamette River in the northern section of the valley



The Willamette River is a well-known river in the north-west. The Willamette is the 13th largest river by volume in the United States.  As the centerpiece of the Willamette Valley, the Willamette River is 187-miles long running from Eugene to Portland.  



 Although it is a great center piece and well-known for that, it is also well known for its polluted waters.  Over the past 80 years the River has been polluted to various degrees and affected various things.  When Driving across bridges you look down at the water that isn't populated with people or boats of any kind. 

The Willamette is a wild river wild river that has massive flooding the in winter due to snow, and in the spring due to excess rain.   The river is common for great floods to result in the river changing its course significantly.


Major Tributaries

The map shows the tributaries of the Willamette, which they consider 12 of them to be major tributaries.  The river is held back by some 13 US Army Corps on Engineers dams on its tributaries, 11 of which produce hydropower. The twelve major tributairs are  

Coast Fork ~ Middle Fork ~ McKenzie

Long Tom ~ Mary's River  ~Calapooia

Luckimute ~ Santiam ~ Yamhill

Mollala ~Tualatin ~Clackamas

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