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Activism Work

In addition to the work below, see my Community Activity page for more of my work with local groups.

USA vs. Al-Arian (Tampa, FL)

I worked as a news clip archivist for the award-winning 2007 documentary USA vs. Al-Arian.

'Bye Bye, Bush' Bash (Blueberry Patch, St. Petersburg, FL., January 2009)

For the peace community's celebration of George W. Bush's end of office, I wrote and produced a satirical play for five actors. Video highlights
I also created a 30" sculpture of Bush's head. Avoiding the more violent connotations of destroying an effigy, I built the sculpture out of chicken wire layered with aluminum foil (which does not burn/melt), allowing it to be displayed, glowing atop a bonfire throughout the night. 


Images to come