About me

Politics has been a part of my family for decades.

My Aunt Jeanette Reibman was the first-ever elected State Representative and State Senator for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  My dad was a City Councilor, a former Selectman and an active Democrat in Connecticut and was always bringing home the governor or other elected leaders for dinner.

I’ve always been involved with politics too, first as a reporter at the Dallas Morning News, an editor at the Boston Herald and editor-in-chief at the TAB and now as President of the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber. But I never thought of seeking office until now.  

As VP of Content Development and Partnerships at Gatehouse Media, the TAB’s parent company, I managed sales teams, production and journalists. At the chamber I bring the business community, the city government and the citizens together to help improve our city.

In 2011, I was one on the founders of Village14.com, a community blog.  Since then Village14 has grown into an essential civic resource for the city and serves as a meeting place for the citizens to discuss all of the issues of the day here in Newton.

Even my experience in Newton is unique.  I’ve been a resident for more than three decades and have lived in three distinct villages: West Newton, Waban and Newton Highlands.

The common thread through all of this is communication and deep involvement with all the important issues that our city grapples with.

And that’s why I think I’d be a great mayor!