A fresh direction for Newton

Many of you share my love and passion for Newton. We have a rich history of social justice and innovation, beautiful villages and a close proximity to one of the world’s great cities.

But Newton could be better. The only way we can reach our full potential is by rethinking what is possible.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve read every city budget, every piece of aldermanic and city council legislation. I’ve seen what works. I’ve seen what doesn’t work.  I’ve seen great ideas die in committee and foolhardy items approved.

I have a plan to grow Newton’s economy and make our city more accessible and welcoming, while substantially growing our tax base, reducing gridlock and revitalizing our streets and schools.  I look forward to sharing that plan in the months to come.

This fall, you will have a choice between status quo and positive change. You have a choice between the tired ideas of the past or a new, bold vision for the future. You have a choice between the same old talk and real action. You have a choice between managing problems and solving them.

I’m running for mayor because we need a fresh direction and I don’t believe we don’t need another politician running the show at Newton City Hall.

Let’s get it done. Let’s create a better Newton.

Greg Reibman

Candidate for Mayor of Newton

April 1, 2017