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Heroes [2006-] playing Matt Parkman [regular]

Monk [2006] playing Jack Leverett in "Mr Monk and the Actor"

The Jake Effect [2006] playing Nick Case [7 episodes]

Alias [2001-2006] playing Eric Weiss [regular for seasons 3,4]

What About Brian [2006] playing Samaritan Driver in "Pilot"

House [2006] playing Ronald in "Sex Kills"

Lost [2004-2005] playing Pilot in "Pilot Part 1" and "Exodus Part 2"

The Catch [2005] - not picked up.

The Dead Zone [2004] playing Frankie Cantrell in "No Questions Asked"

Felicity [1998-2002] playing Sean Blumberg - regular for seasons 2-4

NYPD Blue [2001] playing Joey Schulman in 3 episodes "In the Wind", "Under Covers" and "Lost Time"

VIP [1999] in episode "Three Days to a Kill"

Profiler [1999] playing Vic in "Three Carat Crisis"

Silk Stalkings [1998-1999]  playing Stanley in "Three Ring Circus" and Wolfgang Hook in "Cook's Tour"

Rescue 77 [1999] playing Paramedic #2 in "Pilot"

Pacific Blue [1999] playing Scott Rhinehart in "Juvies"

Diagnosis Murder [1998] playing Brad Carver in "The Last Resort"

Oh Baby [1998] playing Dennis in "Show and Tell"

Vengeance Unlimited [1998] playing TV Show Host in "Victim of Circumstance"

Mike Hammer, Private Eye [1998] playing  Agent in a Neighboring Office in "Dump the Creep"

Alright Already [1998] playing Man in "Again with the Gynecologist"

Relativity [1996] playing Al Greentree in "Pilot"

Murphy Brown [1996] playing Jimmy in "Miles Away"

Ned and Stacey [1996] playing Nick in "You Bet Your Wife"

Baywatch [1994] playing Host in "The Red Knights"

Flying Blind [1992] playing Barry Barash in "Prelude to a Brisket"

Melrose Place [1992] playing Gatman in "Lost and Found"

Fast Glass [2008] playing Moore
Magic [2007] playing Detective Davis
Mission Impossible III [2006] playing Kevin
The Darkroom [2006] playing Bob
Grand Union [2006] playing Tom McBride
Condemned: Criminal Origins [2005] playing Ethan Thomas [voice]
Connie and Carla [2004] playing Studio Tour Guide
The Ladykillers [2004] playing TV Commercial Director
Malibu's Most Wanted [2003] playing Brett
Austin Powers in Goldmember [2002] playing Shirtless T Fan
The Medicine Show [2001] playing Barry
Hollow Man [2000] playing Carter Abbey
The Muse [1999] playing Four Seasons Hotel Security
Detroit Rock City [1999] playing Mechanic 2
Mr. Murder [1998] playing Dr. Guthridge
At Sachem Farm [1998] playing Delivery Man
With Friends Like These [1998] playing Sean Nusbalm
BASEketball [1998] playing Wilke
Senseless [1998] playing Steve
Picture Perfect [1997] playing Date #1
Dinner and Driving [1997] playing Michael
Veronica's Video [1997] playing Jeremy Perrimen
The Trigger Effect [1996] playing Double Date Guy
The Pallbearer [1996] playing An Abernathy Cousin
Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil [1993] playing Manager
Future Shock [1993] playing Limo Driver
Frankenstein: The College Years [1991] playing Kozlowski
Stolen: One Husband [1990] playing the Best Man