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PhD in Economics, 2009, Toulouse School of Economics 

My field is labor economics and urban economics. I have written papers on immigration and public housing in France. I currently work on changes in the wage structure in France.

Starting in September 2015, I have joined the Centre d'économie de la Sorbonne. I am also associate researcher at the OFCE.


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Les Nouvelles inégalités du travail

Pourquoi l'emploi se polarise

Parution en juin 2017

Research projects

Principal investigator of the young researcher project JASI "Housing and Salary: A Joint Analysis of Two Key Dimensions of Immigrant and Refugee Assimilation" funded by the French National Research Agency, (2016-2020), 200 k€ /// Coordinateur du programme "jeunes chercheurs" JASI  "Quels liens entre l'intégration spatiale et économique des immigrants et réfugiés ?" financé par l'Agence nationale de la recherche (2016-2020), 200 k€.

Published Papers

 Published Papers in French

Recent working paper

Moving up or down? Immigration and the selection of blue-collar natives across occupations and locations, with Javier Ortega (Revised March 2017). Revision requested at the Journal of Labor Economics

Labour Force Participation and Job Polarization: Evidence from Europe during the Great Recession, with Guillaume Allègre (Revised March 2017)

Published Policy Work (non-refereed) and Conference Proceedings