Main Principle - GOD OVER MONEY

King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Gregory Stuart GOrDon, is running for the position of the Jewish Messiah. In spite of the popular Christian belief that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah, the actual title is still up for grabs after 5,000+ years of Jewish history.  GOrDon is the man who exposed United States President, Ronald Wilson Reagan as the anti-Christ when he broke into the former president's home at 666 St. Cloud Rd, Bel-Air, CA on July 4th of 1990.

The newly reestablished Sanhendrin is responsible for choosing the Messiah.  The downside to GOrDon's candidacy is that if he fails they must kill him.  GorDon is up for the challenge and has a plan.  According to the Jewish scholar Maimonides, a qualified candidate for Messiah who succeeds at rebuilding the Jewish Temple must be the Messiah.  For more information visit: Light of the World Prophecy Fulfillment Place.

Primary Tasks

  • Implement - 12 Fold Sustainable State Mid-East Peace Plan
  • Convert - Computer Keyboards from QWERTY to Colemak
  • Develop - His free electricity invention - Vortex Force Reactors
  • Build - Islamic Approved Scriptural Third Jewish Temple

Political Activity

When Hillary Clinton said that there was "A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" the media and the public laughed.  But Hillary was right.  There is a right wing group called the Noveau Tech Secret Society with millions of members who worship money and think that those who believe in God are "crazy."  One of their programs is called "A Company Without a Country" which allows individuals to run huge multinational corporations which pay no taxes to any government on Earth. Dealing with the ramifications of this problem is a top priority for Greg.