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University of California
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Markov state models (MSMs) are a powerful means of mapping out the conformational space of biomolecules, allowing one to model both their thermodynamics and kinetics. The MSMBuilder project I started in collaboration with Xuhui Huang and Vijay Pande automates the construction of MSMs from molecular simulations.  A number of developers are now contributing to the project.


The Bayesian agglomerative clustering engine (BACE) is a method for coarse-graining Markov state models (MSMs) in a manner that takes into account model uncertainty. Code is available here.


A pdf version of my CV can be downloaded here.


2006-2010 Ph.D. in Biophysics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (adviser Vijay Pande)

2002-2006 BS summa cum laude in Computer Science with a minor in Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University, College of Engineering, Ithaca, NY (advisers Roger Loring and Graeme Bailey)

1998-2002 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA

Academic Research Experience

Miller Research Fellow with Susan Marqusee and Phillip Geissler, Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 2011-present

  • Developed and applied methods for understanding and predicting protein functional dynamics—like allostery. Began learning experimental techniques for testing my predictions from theory and simulation.

Berry postdoctoral fellow with Vijay Pande, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, 2010-2011

  • Developed and applied methods for modeling protein folding (70-80 residue proteins, millisecond folding times) and misfolding. Began independent work on protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions.

Ph.D. with Vijay Pande, Biophysics Program, Stanford University, 2006-2010

  • Developed and applied methods for modeling protein folding dynamics (30-40 residue proteins, microsecond folding times).

Undergraduate Research with Roger Loring, Department of Chemistry, Cornell University, 2005-2006

  • Calculation of vibrational echo spectroscopy from simulations of carbonmonoxy myoglobin.

Undergraduate Research with Graeme Bailey, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, 2003

  • Created screen magnification software for the Linux operating system to make Linux accessible to the visually impaired.

Professional Experience

iPhone Application Development, Self-employed, 2011-present

Software Development, Gene Network Sciences, Ithaca, NY, 2006

  • Led a team of five students to develop software for representing gene networks.

Summer Intern, U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute, Rockville, MD, 2004

  • Developed a toolkit to design gene resequencing microarrays.

Summer Intern, Cubic Corporation, Alexandria, VA, 2002 and 2003

  • Developed software for the construction of 3-dimensional models of buildings from their blueprints.

Honors and Awards

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface ($500k transition award that will follow me to a faculty position), 2013-2018

Miller Research Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley, 2011-2014

Young Investigator Award, Genome Technology, 2011

Berry Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University, 2010-2011

Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift Award, American Chemical Society, 2010

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2007-2010

Tau Beta Pi, Cornell University, 2006

Merrill Presidential Scholar, Cornell University, 2006

Computer Science Department Award for Academic Excellence, Cornell University, 2006

Rhodes Scholarship Finalist, 2005

Jean Dreyfus Boissevain Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence in Chemistry, Cornell University, 2005

Invited Talks

Biophysics Seminar, University of Michigan, 2013

Physical Chemistry Seminar, University of California, Berkeley, 2013

Physical Chemistry Seminar, University of Pennsylvania, 2013

Physical Chemistry Seminar, ETH Zurich, 2012

Biophysics Seminar, University of California, San Francisco, 2012

Biophysics Seminar, Johns Hopkins University, 2012

Protein Folding Workshop, Stony Brook, 2012

Folding@home conference, Stanford University, 2012

Protein Folding Workshop, University of California, Berkeley, 2011

RosettaCon, University of Washington, Seattle, 2011

Protein Folding Symposium, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2011

Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift Award Symposium, American Chemical Society, 2010

Protein Folding & Stability Platform Session, Biophysical Society, 2010

France-Stanford Exchange Program, Institut Pasteur, 2010

Protein Folding Symposium, Notre Dame, 2010

GPU Workshop, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2010

Biomedical Computation at Stanford (BCATS), Stanford University, 2010

Stanford High Performance Computing Conference, Stanford University, 2010


Taught “Constructing an Alternate Universe: Computer Simulations of Protein Folding”, 2008-2010

Ran workshops on MSMBuilder software, 2009-2011

Teaching Assistant for Biophys 242 Methods in Molecular Biophysics, Stanford University, 2009

Mentored rotation students, 2009-2011

California Mentoring Initiative for Youth with Disabilities, 2007-2008


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  2. Bowman GR. “Tutorial on building Markov state models with MSMBuilder and coarse-graining them with BACE” in Protein dynamics. Edited by Livesay DR. Humana Press, 2013.

Publications (*Corresponding author)

An up-to-date list of publications is always available at my Google scholar page.

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