Historical Instruments and Contemporary Endogenous Regressors,” Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming. (with Marc Klemp)

"The Impact of Climate Change on Fertility" Environmental Research Letters (2019) 14: 054007. (designated lead author, with Soheil Shayegh, Juan Moreno-Cruz, Martin Bunzl, Oded Galor, and Ken Caldeira)

"Is faster economic growth compatible with reductions in carbon emissions? The role of diminished population growth" Environmental Research Letters (2017) 12: 014003. (with Oded Galor)

"Inequality and Fractionalization" World Development (2014) 56: 32-50. (with Ann Owen)

"Benefits and Costs of the Population and Demography Targets for the Post-2015 Development Agenda" (2014) Perspective paper prepared for the Post-2015 Consensus project of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. (with Oded Galor)

"Good News, Bad News and Consumer Confidence" Social Science Quarterly (2013) 94: 292-315. (with Ann Owen)

Working Papers

Energy Efficiency and Directed Technical Change: Implications for Climate Change Mitigation

  • Revise and Resubmit at the Review of Economic Studies

"Population and Energy Consumption/Carbon Emissions: What We Know, What We Should Focus on Next," (with Brant Liddle)

  • Prepared for Handbook of Population and Environment

"A Multi-factor Uzawa Growth Theorem and Endogenous Capital-Augmenting Technological Change" (with Ryo Horii)

"Growth, Unemployment, and Labor-Saving Technical Change"

Work In Progress

"Understanding Climate Damages: Consumption versus Investment" (with Stephie Fried and Matthew Gibson)