a minecraft snapshot server

Welcome to the chronicles of the Cosmic Confabulation, a small  minecraft server that offers Adventure, Survival PVP, and Creative build worlds.

(left) Recent Command block warp portal pyramid built at the spawn of a recent world.


  • Now running vanilla Minecraft Redstone Update Pre-release... w/command-blocks in survival mode using a stronghold on spawn seed. 1 Village and a Swamp. Multiple biomes.

  • MobGriefing currently TRUE (Creeper damage!)

  • Please be considerate of neighbors when you are building your residence.

  • Glassbone prefers to play solo. You must have a very important reason to call him out of his reverie. He likes mail though. Really. And STF out of his estate.

  • We are currently testing Command Blocks, Teams, Scoreboard, and Level-based vending machines. Things will change. Always do.

  • Current teams: None

  • Take pictures of your builds, we may start new with each snapshot or mess with seeds for grins. We'll try to warn you first. Read the Bulletin Board in the port city of Lionguard.

  • Whitelisted - Email us to join


  • NO STEALING - Replant if you harvest in community farms.

  • PVP by mutual agreement ONLY.


  • CREATIVE? Prove it.

  • Idiots banned

Player Ranks (When running Bukkit)

  • Default -  You can explore and see the sights on the Confabulation. You could die.
  • Builder - You have full access to our PVE/PVP Survival main world as well as creative license in our creative worlds. Go survive, then take a break and go creative.
  • Moderator - When you play you like to oversee, help, and control the Builders and Factions. Moderators can loan you money or kick and/or jail you for bad behavior.
  • Admins (and OPs) - have control over all ranks,  alternate worlds, and control over adding, promoting, rewarding and banning any player. They can also prep your creative area for you with WorldEdit.

Current Mods (When running Bukkit)

  • Dynmap (port 8123)
  • Essentials (Chat,GeoIp,Protect,Spawn)
  • Grief Prevention (Chest/Gold Shovel)
  • GroupManager
  • KillScore (PVP kill tally and ranking)
  • Limited Creative (separate creative/survival inventories)
  • MagicCarpet (flying for survival world)
  • McMMO (Skill achievement rankings, parties)
  • My Worlds
  • ThumbsApply (self-serve immediate access)
  • Vault
  • World Border (when needed)
  • WorldEdit (creative infrastructure and build archives)
  • Worldguard (Anti-grief zone marking, PVP zones)
  • and maybe...
  • VanishNoPacket and Disguisecraft (Invisible or disguised admins!)

Current events

  • NEWS FLASH! Snapshots! Texture Packs!
  • PICS! Here are some pics from the bukkit version of the Confabulation

Admins notepad

  • 1.2 Fresh Start! Now we have the old Cosmic Confabulation updated with some new jungle biomes available on the map. Our alternate world is Survival PVP/PVE with economy and some warps. It is a testing ground for a more structured RPG world currently in planned for future playing.
  • I got bored with the server configuration! I added 2 more gigabytes of RAM and we've tested several mods (Including DragonTravel!) and have settled on the current setup for now. (No Dragons!) Factions, McMMO, and alternate creative worlds. Dig?
  • When we switched to Vanilla fire-spread disabling was disabled. Unfortunately a faulty fireplace destroyed much of ChalesRatTray's residence in Spawntown. Dang! Bad luck. Sorry. (The melons were used to remove the water blocks used to stop the fire)
  • We will leave all the Economy and warp signs up and inactive. When bukkit and mod developers update, we will re-activate what signage we can!
  • Had to unwhitelist BenFlanagan and his friend BlackMamba1447. They will no longer join us. Gullibility and improper promotions on Ben's part and lying and griefing for his friend. Sorry dudes. Reapply if you like, we'll see.
  •  A shout out and thank you to Thunderwolf999 for teaching me some lessons. ;)
  • HEY! We need a few more houses built in Spawntown. Claim a plot!
  • Villages are open for development for those who want to stick around a while.
  • If you find yourself on the banned player list you can plead your case with Glassbone at gregoryconley@gmail.com.

Minecraft 1.8.1 Archives

Confabulation Builds
Pics from our hacked-up original Confabulation world. This world may reappear at random. It's Survival/Creative. 

The Cosmic Chiller Confabulation: Alphatown
An assortment of screenshots from the creative/survival world Alphatown.

The Stations
Listing of the minecart stations throughout the current world and where they go to.

The Villages
Pics of the NPC Village Outposts currently 8 in number. Village #7 and #8 have been found, transportation to the sites is now available! Village #9 has popped up in the new map. It is a long way out in the East.

New Members: How to join this server
If you are interested in joining our server click the link above to read a bunch of stuff first.

Favorite Links
Minecraft.net: http://www.minecraft.net/
Minecraft on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/
Minecraft Forums (Curse): http://www.minecraftforum.net/
The Word of Notch (creator): http://notch.tumblr.com/
Minecraft Crafting Wiki: http://minecraftsandbox.com/minecraft-crafting/#weapon-recipes

For watercolor: www.watercolorpainting.com