The orbiter MFD to calculate precise path inside atmosphere. 

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Manual (french translation) 


release 0.96.1 posted to orbithangarmods.
Compatible with Orbiter 100830.

2007-02-12: release 0.95.2 posted to orbithangarmods. Now target may be selectd using longitude and latitude. 

2006-11-21: added french translation of manual. 

2006-11-01: release 0.95 posted to orbithangarmods. New command: HDv to see gliding path before deorbit burn. 

2006-05-29: release 0.9 posted to orbithangarmods. 

2006-04-24: release 0.8 posted to orbithangarmods. 

2006-03-29: release 0.5 posted to orbithangarmods. 

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IMFD by Jarmo Nikkanen, the original developer of AerobrakeMFD  

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Allen,Eggers: Analysis of hypervelocity vehicles 

Allen,Eggers: Motion and heating of missiles entering the atmosphere

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AerobrakeMFD is anOrbiter MFD that calculatesthe trajectory of a winged ship insidea planet atmosphere.

Reentry path

Velocity, Altitude, Deceleration and Heat graph 


Speed / Altitude limits 

Lift and Drag