R related

I am a supporting member of the R Foundation.

(Co)authored packages at CRAN

Acknowledged contributions to packages at CRAN

Other packages

Packages listed bellow are available only from this site and can be easily installed as shown bellow. Here is the PACKAGES file.

    ## Setup the repositories
    tmp <- c("http://gregor.gorjanc.googlepages.com/software",
    contrib.url(repos=getOption("repos"), type=getOption("pkgType")))
    ## Install the package
    install.packages("package", contriburl=tmp, dep=TRUE)


Some functions that ease use of R.
  • descStat - descriptive statistics for numeric variable


Shell scripts

  • bibtex_clean.sh - Cleanup and check BibTeX library files, script
  • chmod.sh - Fix file access permissions, script
  • cleanup.sh - Remove backup, core and other temporary files in subtree of given maps, script
  • compressCode.sh - Compress the code to reduce the file size - mainly for web files i.e. HTML, PHP and CSS files, script
  • compressPDF.sh - Compress PDF files, script
  • csv2csv.sh - Change characters ',' to '.' and ';' to ',' in a CSV file and vice versa, script
  • spaces.sh - Change spaces in file or map names with underscore, script
  • Sweave.sh - Run Sweave and create Postcript or PDF directly from the command line
  • zipeps.sh - Zip EPS files for inclusion in *TeX files, script