LyX-Sweave Using Sweave with LyX

This is a page with "material" for using Sweave with LyX.

In the future, this "material" will be hopefully implemented "out of the box" directly in LyX.

Here is a set of blog posts where various issues are discussed.

 Out of the box support for Sweave in LyX is very close.
Check LyX resources for more details!!!
  • LyX.pdf - Rnews paper describing the usage of Sweave with LyX and needed customization steps

  • Needed files for proper customization of LyX are available at CRAN

  • Yihui Xie found a solution to avoid using Ctrl+Enter in the Scrap/Sweave environment

  • Jeff Laake provided a note on how to custumize the environment on MS Windows (I have not tested what he wrote!)