Personal Links:

  • Jubilena is about to drop some knowledge - Jubilena's blog is a biting and witty analysis of the entertainment industry, focusing particularly on select television shows.
  • - Dave Thomlison is a Computer Animation Generalist specializing in Digital Character Animation.  Check out his portfolio!

Star Wars Links:

  • YakFace Forums -  This is a great Star Wars forum.  Many of the old customizers set up shop here.  This a great community for all things customizing.
  • New Jersey Star Wars Collectors' Club - All of you NJ Collectors - stop by here!  Friendly members, lots of checklists, and great discussions.

1/6 Links:

1/6 Shops - these online shops part out 1/6 scale figures and sell the individual pieces.

  • Monkey Depot - Great prices, excellent service, and quick shipping.  They carry Dragon, DiD, and other manufacturers.  They also carry all eras (ancient times to modern to sci-fi)
  • Toy Soldier Brigade - They only carry WW2 figures, but they have a lot of great pieces and excellent prices.  They have a flat rate for shipping, but if you're in NJ, you will have to pay taxes.  They have great communication and will accommodate special requests.
  • War-Toys - Another great 1/6 scale online shop.  Great communication and great prices (see a pattern here).  They carry all eras.
  • One Sixth Depot - Lots of odds 'n ends here.  Prices for widely available pieces are a bit higher than other e-sites, but they have a ton of parts that are unavailable elsewhere.  They carry all eras
  • Krak-Troops - Good stuff here, some older parts.  Great prices as usual.  They carry WW2 through Modern.
  • Warlord's Keep - They specialize in female figures, but they also carry a lot of WW2 and modern figures.  They are customizers and are eager to help out fellow customizers.
  • Justice Fighters - They carry a lot of WW2 stuff.  They have a lot of 21st Century Toys pieces.
  • Red Planet Toys - An e-tailer based in NYC.  They carry all eras of figures.  They also have a nice collection of custom headsculpts.
  • Triad Toys - Triad Toys is a company started by three customizers (hence, "Triad").  They offer a huge selection of clothing and accessories, mostly for female figures.  However, they also have an original line of figures.  This is where I get a lot of ninja gear.