polemicist: a writer who argues in opposition to others 

20061107.1726 Not too shabby...

 So if you've been paying attention - the entire point of this was to see how the Google tech stack pans out.

I just had to make this blog a wee bit more complex by adding one page per month's worth of rants.  All in all it was a very simple thing to do.

So far I really have nothing bad to say about this GooglePages stuff - odd for me, eh?

 20061106.1417 It's a floor wax, It's a dessert topping...

"Paranoia runs deep, into your life it will creep" - Buffalo Springfield

So I'm watching Comedy Central and a Commercial For the CIA came on.  I wasn't sure if it was one of those Saturday Night Live styled fake-commercials-as-a-joke until it was over.  Later I saw it on the Discovery channel.

So in the middle of the most fervent round of anti-conspiracy-theory propaganda in this nation's history here we have an agency that's recruiting people ... to join the conspiracy.

Yes - I'm going to come right out & make the outlandish claim that the CIA, by it's very nature, is a conspiracy factory / warehouse.  Anyone who maintains otherwise simply doesn't understand their function and should go back & read their mission statement.  Oh & who's picture is still prominently displayed on that page?  You want to know who benefits from a crime?  What do you do?  Follow the money.