Grégoire Lefebvre (Ph.D.)

Senior Researcher in Machine Learning at Orange (ex CNET, ex France Telecom R&D, ex Orange Labs), Grenoble, France (gregoire dot lefebvre at orange dot com)Orange Expert Data & AIOrange Inventor LuminisMember of the MIAI Institute (Chair Collaborative Intelligent System)

Short bio

I received an Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), Rouen, in 2000, and a Ph.D. degree in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Bordeaux, funded by France Telecom R&D, Rennes, in 2007. Since 2008, I have been working as a Researcher in Machine Learning at Orange Labs, Grenoble.

Research topics

Deep Learning, Pervasive Interaction, Ubiquitous ComputingFace, Gesture and Activity RecognitionSemantic Communication


D05 _ Mahdi Abid, Magnetometric Localisation for eHealth Services, 2019.D04 _ Thomas Hassan, Human Localisation in Smart Homes, 2018 (with F. Ramparany)D03 _ Aida Makni, Human Posture Detection and Device Attitude Estimation, 2017 (with M. Berenguer)D02 _ Alaeddine Mihoub, Social Intelligence Modeling, 2016.D01 _ Steven Strachan, Vibrotactile Feedback Modeling, 2009 (with S. Zijp-Rouzier)

PhD students

S09 _ Cell Free WiFi – Cognitive radio optimization by multiple access point cooperation. To be defended in 2028 Supervised by A.Kountouris, G.Lefebvre, H.Fares, A.Nafka,  open position.S08 _ Leonardo Roque, Learning Semantic Communications for Effective 6G. To be defended in 2027. Supervised by L.A.Dufrene, Q.Lampin, G.Lefebvre, M. Assaad,  link.S07 _ Yoann Dupas, Edge AI for Multimodal Image Fusion. To be defended in 2025. Supervised by  O.Hotel, G.Lefebvre, C.Cérin, D.Trystram, link.S06 _ Juan Vazquez-Rodriguez, Multimodal Transformers for Emotion Recognition. Defended in 2023. Supervised by G.Lefebvre, J.Cumin, J.L.Crowley, link.S05 _ Naji Najari, Smart Device Monitoring and Behavior Analyzis. Defended in 2022. Supervised by S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, link.S04 _ Paul Compagnon, Routine prediction for eHealth services. Defended in 2021. Supervised by G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, link.S03 _ Julien Cumin, Recognizing and predicting activities in smart homes. Defended in 2018. Supervised by G.Lefebvre, F.Ramparany, J.L.Crowley, link.S02 _ Samuel Berlemont, Automatic non linear metric learning. Defended in 2016. Supervised by G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, link.S01 _ Rick Moritz, Routine activity extraction from local alignments in mobile phone context data. Defended in 2014. Supervised by G.Lefebvre, A.Pauchet, M.Mainguenaud, link.

International journals

J08 _ Improving Indoor Geomagnetic Field Fingerprinting using Recurrence Plot based CNN. M.Abid, G.Lefebvre, Journal of Location Based Services, 2020.J07 _ PSINES: Activity and Availability Prediction for Adaptive Ambient Intelligence. J.Cumin, G.Lefebvre, F.Ramparany, J.Crowley, ACM Transaction on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, 2020.J06 _ Learning Personalized ADL Recognition Models from Few Raw Data. P.Compagnon, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, Elsevier Artifical Intelligence in Medecine, 2020.J05 _ Wearables and Social Signal Processing for Smarter Public Presentations. A.Mihoub, G.Lefebvre, ACM Transaction on Interactive Intelligent Systems, 2019.J04 _ HAR Using Place-based Decision Fusion in a Smart Home Context Management System. J.Cumin, F.Ramparany, G.Lefebvre, J.L.Crowley, Modeling and Using Context, 2018.J03 _ Class-Balanced Siamese Neural Networks. S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, Neurocomputing, Elsevier, 2017.J02 _ Evolution of Activities of Daily Living using Inertia Measurements: The Lunch and Dinner Activities. M.Berenguer, M-J.Bouzid, A.Makni, G.Lefebvre, N.Noury, Journal of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth, 2017.J01 _ Fast-Learning Adaptive-Subspace Self-Organizing Map : An Application to Saliency-Based Invariant Image Feature Construction. H.Zheng, G.Lefebvre, C.Laurent, IEEE Transaction on Neural Networks, 2008.

International conferences

IC36_ Accommodating Missing Modalities in Time-Continuous Multimodal Emotion Recognition. J.Vazquez-Rodriguez, G.Lefebvre, J.Cumin, J.L.Crowley. International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction, ACII 2023.IC35_ Emotion Recognition with PreTrained Transformers Using Multimodal Signals. J.Vazquez-Rodriguez, G.Lefebvre, J.Cumin, J.L.Crowley. International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction, ACII 2022.IC34_ Transformer-Based Self-Supervised Learning for ECG Emotion Recognition. J.Vazquez-Rodriguez, G.Lefebvre, J.Cumin, J.L.Crowley. International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2022.IC33_ Robust Variational Autoencoders for Unsupervised Network Anomaly Detection. N.Najari, S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia. International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, AINA 2022.IC32_ RADON: Robust Autoencoder for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection. N.Najari, S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia. International Conference on Security of Information Networks, SIN 2021.IC31_ Improved CNN-based Magnetic Indoor Positioning System using Attention Mechanism. M.Abid, P. Compagnon, G.Lefebvre, International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, IPIN 2021.IC30_ Deep Neural Networks for Indoor Geomagnetic Field Fingerprinting with Regression Approach. M.Abid, G.Lefebvre, International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks, EANN 2021.IC29_ Sequence Metric Learning as Synchronization of Recurrent Neural Networks. P.Compagnon, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, International Joint conference on Neural Networks, IJCNN 2021.IC28_ Network Traffic Modeling For IoT Device Re-Identification. N.Najari, S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, International Conference on Omni-layer Intelligent Systems, IEEE COINS 2020.IC27_ Routine Modeling with Time Series Metric Learning. P.Compagnon, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, 27th International Conference Artificial Neural Networks, ICANN 2019.IC26_ Personalized Posture and Fall Classification with Shallow Gated Recurrent Units. P.Compagnon, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia, IEEE Computer-Based Medical System, 2019.IC25_ A semantic event approach to enrich device-free indoor localization data. T.Hassan, F.Ramparany, G.Lefebvre, EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good, 2018.IC24_ Attitude Estimation for Posture Detection in eHealth Services. A.Makni, G.Lefebvre, IEEE Computer-Based Medical System, 2018.IC23_ Social Intelligence Modeling using Wearable Devices. A.Mihoub, G.Lefebvre, ACM IUI 2017. best paper - honourable mentionIC22_ A Dataset of Routine Daily Activities in an Instrumented Home. J. 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International workshops

IW03 _ RESIST: Robust Transformer for Unsupervised Time Series Anomaly Detection. N.Najari, S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, S.Duffner, C.Garcia. International Conference on Workshop on AALTD@ECML 2022.IW02 _ Inferring Availability for Communication in Smart Homes Using Context. J.Cumin, G.Lefebvre, F.Ramparany, J.L.Crowley, IEEE PerCom Workshop on Context and Activity Modeling and Recognition, 2018.  IW01 _ A Multimodal Contact List to Enhance Remote Communication. A.Crossan, G.Lefebvre, S.Zijp-Rouzier, R.Murray-Smith, Mobile Social Signal Processing, LNCS Volume 8045, 2010.

French conferences

FC05 _ Empreinte énergétique de Yolov8 pour la détection de piétons et de véhicules. Y.Dupas, O.Hotel, G.Lefebvre, C.Cérin, EGC 2024.FC04 _ Apprentissage de métrique non linéaire par réseaux de neurones siamois : Application à la perception gestuelle. S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, S. Duffner, C. Garcia, RFIA 2016.FC03 _ Fusion de caractéristiques inertielles pour la reconnaissance de gestes. S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, GRETSI 2013.FC02 _ Sélection de singularités locales par stimulation d'une carte GHSOM. G.Lefebvre, C.Garcia, J.M. Salotti, J.Ros, GRETSI 2007.FC01 _ Énergies ASSOM pour la détection d’objets. G.Lefebvre, C.Garcia, J.M. Salotti, CORESA 2006.


P32 _ Advanced valuation generation process. G.Lefebvre, J.Cumin, Orange 2023.P31 _ Method for recognizing situations with temporary missing values. G.Lefebvre, J.Cumin, J.Vazquez, Orange 2023.P30 _ Stress Management with IoT sensors. G.Lefebvre, J.Cumin, J.Vazquez, Orange 2022.P29 _ Contextual Anomaly Detection. N.Najari, S.Berlemont, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2022.P28 _ Method for monitoring the human sleep. G.Lefebvre, Orange 2022.P27 _ Estimation of autonomy by analysis of home trips. G.Lefebvre, Orange 2021.P26 _ Method for managing notifications based on emotions deduced from electrocardiogram data. J.Cumin, G.Lefebvre, J.Vazquez, Orange 2021.P25 _ Transport Mode Recognition. G.Lefebvre, P.Compagnon, Orange 2020.P24 _ Anomaly detection. S.Berlemont, N.Najari, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2020.P23 _ Predicting emotional situations. G.Lefebvre, Orange 2020.P22 _ Human Activity Routine Estimation. P.Compagnon, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2019.P21 _ Automatic Home Usage Evaluation. G.Lefebvre, Orange 2019.P20 _ Behavior Change Detection. G.Lefebvre, P.Compagnon, Orange 2018.P19 _ Group Situation Detection with Semantic Analysis. T.Hassan, F.Ramparany, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2018.P18 _ Eligibility Metric. D.Cibaud, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2018.P17 _ Occupant Availability Prediction. G.Lefebvre J.Cumin, F. Ramparany, Orange 2017.P16 _ Human Behavior Modeling. A.Mihoub, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2017.P15 _ A method of recognizing user contexts. G.Lefebvre, Orange 2016. P14 _ A method of recognizing handwriting on a physical surface. G.Lefebvre, Orange 2015. P13 _ Localized knocking gestures for digit code inputs. G.Lefebvre, Orange 2014.P12 _ Method for unlocking touch screen electronic device with haptic feedback. C.Masson, T.Perez-Segovia, S.Zijp-Rouzier, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2014.P11 _ Contextual Gesture Recognition. R.Moritz, G.Lefebvre, Orange 2013.P10 _ Automatic Gesture Segmentation. G.Lefebvre, S.Roux, E.Petit, Orange 2013.P09 _ Tactile pairing. G.Lefebvre, FTR&D 2012.P08 _ Audio and Tactile Signal Creation on Smartphones. G.Lefebvre, S.Zijp-Rouzier, A.Crossan, T.Dingler, R.Murray-Smith, FTR&D 2012.P07 _ Object pairing. R.Ebel, G.Lefebvre, A.Gimeno, J.-P.Laval, E.Moniz, E.Tosi Brandi, C.Ramus, J.Augi, FTR&D 2011.P06 _ Audio Vibration Tactile Feedback Generation Process for Gesture Interaction. G.Lefebvre, E.Petit, S.Zijp-Rouzier, S.Strachan, FTR&D 2010.P05 _ Method for user interaction with multimedia contents. G.Lefebvre, A.Gimeno, FTR&D 2009.P04 _ Method and device for video content classification by saliant neural temporal maps. G.Lefebvre, C.Garcia, FTR&D 2008.P03 _ Construction of a neural network for the recognition of an image carrier. G.Lefebvre, C.Garcia, FTR&D 2008.P02 _ A method for image classification with multi-modal neuron cards. G.Lefebvre, C.Garcia, FTR&D 2007.P01 _ Method for classifying images by neuronal networks and a classifier of pre-learned images. H.Zheng, C.Laurent, G.Lefebvre, FTR&D 2006.


T01 _ Sélection et Fusion de Signatures Visuelles Parcimonieuses, Application à la classification d'images. G.Lefebvre, december, 2007. Supervised by C.Garcia and J-M.Salotti, Jury: J.Ponce, H.Cardot, M.Daoudi, link.


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