At UC Berkeley, Niemeyer is an Associate Professor for New Media in the Department of Art Practice, a member of the BCNM Executive Committee, and a Chancellors' Scholar for Public Service. 


Greg Niemeyer teaches undergrads and grads at UC Berkeley, usually about 2 courses per semester. The repertoire includes:
  • American Cybercultures (Art 23 AC): A lecture course about the performance of race, gender and ethnicity online.
  • Moving Image (Art 26): An introduction to digital film making from in-camera edit to news segment, infographics, transgressive cinema and youtube distribution.
  • Game Design (Art 178): A practical course about game design, from first fun loop to complete game. 
  • 3D Modeling (Art 160): A practical course about using 3D modeling tools for artwork, with CAD/CAM tools including the laser cutter, the 3D printer, and some 3D modeling software. 
  • Graduate Seminars  in Art Theory and Studio Art Critique. 
Many lectures are online, here is a recent starting point: 

Art 23 AC Lecture 1 Spring 2011

Niemeyer also teaches workshops on Game Design, basic DIY rapid prototyping for tangible electronic interfaces, oral media in new media times, as well as creative collaboration. 

Office Hours

Greg's public and open office hours are typically Fridays from 10am to noon at his office at CITRIS, in 413 Sutardia Daj Hall on the UC Berkeley Campus near North Gate. Please send a quick email to announce your visit and make sure office hours are not canceled this week.


Greg Niemeyer's advisees in MFA and Ph.d programs include:
  • Current (just to name a few):
    • Reza Naima
    • Anuj Tewari
    • Ashley Ferro-Murray
    • Plinio Hernandez
    • Merav Tzur
    • Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck 
    • Frank Marquez
    • Kari Orvik
  • Alumni (just to name a few):