The application that doesn't actually do anything useful. 

An experimental implementation of a simple vector drawing program using Mono and Cairo.

It doesn't really do much yet - but feel free to look at the code, you can share it under the GPL.

Download Source Code - see README.txt for instructions. 

Comments to greg at vis net nz


  •  Viewport operations: Pan, Zoom
  • Transformations: Scale, Rotate, Move, Set Transform Origin
  • Depth sorting: Top, Bottom, Up One, Down One
  • Grouping: Group, Ungroup
  • Opacity: Apply to groups, shapes or imported svgs
  • Draw Line Shapes
  • Stroke and Fill dialog 
  • Import SVG (cannot edit paths within these)

Runs on Linux, Windows and probably OS X too. ( Opacity and Transparent Stroke/Fill will not work in windows unless you have at least cairo 1.1.6. The Mono installer on windows currently installs cairo 1.0.4 ).

What it doesn't do 

  • Load files
  • Save files
  • Run efficiently or reliably

Future plans 

I work with Macromedia Flash everyday - this makes me curious as to how it actually works. So I'm going to write my own version. Don't expect any useable software soon - but expect me to make at lot of mistakes and to learn a lot. I'll share the code, so that you can at least learn from my mistakes.