Vernal Pool Restoration and Construction in Ohio

Annotated References:

How effective have mitigated wetlands been at replacing amphibian habitat in Ohio?  According to
this Ohio EPA report, the results are pretty dismal.
What makes a restored or constructed wetland good amphibian habitat?  A shallow littoral zone, lack of predatory fish, and a landscape with plenty of forest, few roads, and connection to other wetlands.  That's the findings of Deni Porej's Dissertation.

Can we predict where vernal pool restoration would be most effective?  The Ohio EPA set out to do just that and produced this report: Developing a GIS-based Tool to Optimize Vernal Pool Wetland Mitigation Site Selection.  Available here.

Where are these optimal sites on the landscape for restoring vernal pools in Ohio?  See the Ohio EPA's Google
Map.  (The previously cited document above explains the methodology used to develop this map.)

How do you go about constructing a vernal pool?  Download Tom Biebighauser's Guide to Creating Vernal Pools.