Conservation Implementation

"At times we seem to be documenting paths to extinction, telling ourselves that we need to do more research, developing theoretical models with insufficient consideration of their practical application, and giving each other advice on what others should be doing."
--  Whitten et al. 2001.  Conservation Biology: A displacement behavior for academia?  Cons. Bio. 15(1)1-3.

Some have suggested that conservation is in the midst of an implementation crises, where more resources are spent conducting research, with too little for implementing what we already know.  As a crises science, conservation often requires decisions be made based on imperfect and incomplete data. 

The alternative - paralysis by analysis - can result in very rigorous scientific findings that are of little use other than as epitaphs on the gravestones of endangered species.

I am interested in taking what we know and implementing it in the field for the betterment of our wildlife resources.  By adhering to the principles of adaptive management (develop, design, implement, monitor, refine), we put our knowledge to work, while continuing to learn what works and what doesn't, and why.

You can read about one such project on my Pools of Life page.
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