All About Me

    I’ve been living and working in Seattle since 1984. I came there to find a healthy place to make a living as an actor after being born, raised and educated in and around New York City... born on 68th St., elementary school at St. Catherine's on 69th, high school in West Babylon, college at Adelphi and Cornell Universities. The Starving Actor in The Big City Scenario held no appeal for me. In Seattle, I discovered a vibrant, supportive theatre community which enabled me to explore more creative possibilities than I ever imagined in a beautiful city with clear skies and not so many multi-legged roommates.

    I started working as a jeweler and sculptor as “post-rehearsal therapy”-
a way to wind down after being “on” for several hours a night working on plays. my main material, polymer clay, literally taught me to sculpt. I didn’t know what I was doing at first, but the ability to squish things up and start over gave me the freedom to play. Out of playfulness came confidence and I’d like to think a unique style. I continue to explore the possibilities of this medium while adding new skills to my repetoire.

    Along with polymer clay, I work in recycled and found objects. I believe that there is life and spirit in everything, even out of style jewelry and obsolete technology. I try to take these things and create characters that don’t neccessarily look human, but feel like people you might know. I love it when someone looks at a piece of mine and says “ Oh, I know that person!” or “yep, that’s me !”

    My jewelry works equally well as a wearable piece or a sculpture.  All my work is one of a kind and made by hand.

    I'm still acting and I recently played the most cutthroat of Hollywood producers in the locally produced indie-noir "Curtains".

    I also collaborated with composer Angela Rinaldi and Events on the Edge on the original interactive musical "Fuh-Geddaboudit!".

   And you can often find me making the world safe for Dinner Theatre as Detective Delaney of "CSI Renton!"on the Spirit of Washington Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

   For many years I have studied the Quantum style of Martial Arts with Master Rachael Evans.  I'm very  proud to have recently earned my red  belt  and  now begin the  process  of  undertaking  my  training  with  new eyes  and  new dedication as I take those last long steps to my black belt. I am grateful to have found such an amazing community of people to work with, support me,  and challenge me every time I tie on my belt and step on that mat.