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Gift Packet Kits

Download your free Endorphin Rush / Happy Face Coins gift packets kit

by clicking HERE 

Download kits include the cover sheets displayed below and a template to create gift wrappers

Please note, the images below represent the printed result before folding, the pink is the front cover, the green is the back cover...

Please note the free download kit includes the pages shown above and a template to print Happy Face Coins gift wrappers, but it does not contain the Five Happy Face Coins gift wrappers described in the contents list above.  Each kit we give away on the streets include a cover bi-fold, a template tri-fold, and six sample wrappers printed and pre-cut with assorted color stock...

Please email us:

Why Happy Face Coins?

We began gift-wrapping coins to give to homeless people and pan-handlers in November of 2006 and the responses we received with this were so wonderful we decided we wanted to share this joy with everyone we can reach with this message. Some recipients of our Happy Face Coins gift packages save the wrappers and have shown them to us later to show how special this gift was to them... others have said they will keep the coins in the package as a lucky piece...

The joy and light that shines in the eyes of each person we have shared our Happy Face Coins gift packets with is something we will always treasure.

When alms are given in this gift-wrapped manner the nature of the transaction becomes much more personal, clearly given from the heart with love and intention... it reaches and uplifts both the giver and the receiver in a manner that is spiritually transformational.

We want to encourage people to give without judgment, to give with love, joy, compassion and fellowship; to help people to accept their roles in the daily gauntlets of urban living with less fear of those who may sometimes seem to assault them by begging for a few coins...

Living in fear is a terrible feeling, both panhandlers and pedestrians live in fear of one another... please help us to change this!

No one should feel a need to cower or turn away from anyone, to feel guilt or anger or frustration over such a simple daily part of life... Begging sometimes seems dehumanizing for those who are solicited as well as for those who are asking for spare change... let's make this a humanizing interaction instead!

Let's transform the art of giving alms into a caring intention that brings more joy into everyone's lives.

We cannot properly fund this project ourselves, however we believe it is a necessary project for the improvement of urban living experiences for both conventional pedestrians and the homeless or indigent populations seeking alms, therefor we would like to find some help to develop this project and share it with as many people as possible both here in Oakland, CA and around the world. 

If you are interested in helping distribute kits or promoting this concept please get in touch with us, our email address is: 

Any assistance you can offer us to help with the printing or distribution of our Happy Face Coins kits would be greatly appreciated.

These kits have met with a great deal of approval. We gave one kit away to a stranger last night and it seems our reputation had preceded us and that she was already aware of our Happy Face Coins gifts... She was delighted to meet us and receive her own kit.

love, Gharveyn, aka Roger Holler, Falcon, Greg Gourdian, etc...


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